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A healthy breakfast doesn't need to taste boring - add zing to your morning with salsa and sweetcorn pancakes. You have probably heard your whole life that ‘Breakfast is the Healthiest Meal of the Day’, but you have also come to realize that morning is the busiest part of your life! Most people do not eat breakfast because they think they don’t have time or they think they will lose weight by cutting morning calories. I would love if you shared this post with anyone you know that struggles with ‘No Time for Breakfast’ – AND – leave a comment below to let me know which of these simple healthy breakfast recipes YOU like best!

Research suggests that people who are most successful at losing weight eat breakfast every day.
Start your morning with a healthy, energizing and metabolism-revving breakfast using these 3 “magic” ingredients: whole grains and lean protein to help you stay full right through until lunch and some fruit or vegetables for added fiber. I also used to be 100 pounds heavier when I adopted that philosophy, so obviously the ‘skip breakfast’ plan was NOT producing the desired results. To make this list, the recipes had to meet certain criteria: They are Healthy, They are Simple, and They Taste Awesome!

If you want to take it a step further, look at the list before you go to bed, decide which one you want to make in the morning, so you can hit the ground with a plan already in place.

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