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Millett has just been bought by Bushnell so I don’t know what there plan is for the the Millett line of scopes. I was curious if you have an update on this scope now that you’ve had it for nearly a year. Sorry to here that Johnny but before you drop the money on a Nightforce send the scope back and they will give you a new one free of charge. You can imagine how I felt when I pulled the gun out of the case to find the main tube of the scope, up under the zoom ring, has broken clean in two. Well, today, I finally got in touch with Millett customer service on the phone and explained my problem.
They asked for the serial number of the scope, looked it up, and told me exactly when I purchased the scope. Long story short, the man apologized for my problems with the scope and told me they were sending out a mailing label, including postage, for me to use to return the scope. They told me the scope would be replaced with a brand new one and they would get it back to me ASAP. I'm sorry to hear about your bad luck Bam Bam, but it's good that your scope will be replaced. Millett Sights has been making external sights for many years, and a while back they also joined the scope making business. One of the first things you will notice is that the scopes are fairly hard to find in stock. The other interesting feature with the knobs on this scope is the lock rings on both the elevation and windage knobs.
Side focus knobs are a popular trend of tactical scopes, as they should be, allowing for precise adjusting of the objective within easy reach while behind the scope. With the scope mounted on our .308 tactical test mule rifle, the scope performed well shooting through the box accurately and ending where we started.
The scope is another decent option in the lower-middle grade scopes, but I would like to see a bit better quality control in terms of the very stiff focus knob and the leaking light from the lit reticule.

We no longer have the scope, but over time the components began to wear out and a bit more slop was evident. I currently use a scope that I hate in low light, and is horrible with glare, it is zeroed at 300 yards and I use 21MOA at 1,000 yards, making almost exactly 25moa total. I just bought a Millet TRS-1 4-16x50 tactical mil-mil scope for my .308 and I absolutely love it.
One of their newer offerings is a dedicated tactical scope that is based on their Buck Gold series of scopes.
They have been hot sellers and Millett has recently ramped up production to help with the supply of these scopes.
It has a nice even matte anodized finish, though I noticed the sunshade matte color was slightly different than the main scope body.
We have not had the same luck and all of our records indicate the Millett scopes are made in China. The Tactical Rifle Scope 1 (TRS-1) is a 4-16x50mm scope with side focus and some other typical tactical scope features. The actual model of the scope is the Buck Gold Side Focus Tactical Rifle Scope… but more commonly known as the TRS-1. This is especially true with modern scopes where optical quality on even the low end scopes is superior to what was considered good optics about 30 years ago.
For a lower end rifle or someone just getting into long range shooting, this scope is at least worth considering. Whether Bushnell owns Millett or not, it’s still made in China and everything that comes from China has virtually no quality control and is crappy at best. The size of the scope is more of the larger design that has become popular in recent years for tactical scopes, and it does feel robust and durable. I do not know if it was just this particular scope, or if all of them are like this, but the focus knob is very stiff and hard to adjust. That being said, the optical quality on this scope, at least with me looking through it, appears to be pretty good.

We’ve sent it back but now in the middle of the season are told it will take a month to look at the scope. There had been several questions posted about the scope and its quality on the forums and via direct emails, so we figured it wouldn’t hurt to evaluate one. I have heard 100 MOA from millett directly, and that is what I would plan on having if you were purchasing one of these scopes. But in terms of field performance, the scope did just fine and is certainly a usable scope for tactical operations. I’ve written to the CEO of vista outdoors, bushnell and sent an attached letter with the scope.
The windage knob is marked starting at 1 going each direction, which is a feature I really like on tactical scopes.
I can tell you all the waisted ammo and now inconvenience has cost far more than the scope is worth. It sounds and feels intentional, but I don’t know why since the mildot reticule on this scope is accurate at 16x.
It would be a very nice feature if that was where the mil-dots were accurate at, but I really cannot explain why it is there on this scope. It is not a horrible deal, but some confusion can happen, and it is the same argument for all scopes with knobs marked like this, but on this scope, it happens at only 5 MOA. The reticule is on the second focal plane which means it stays the same size no matter what magnification you are on, so for the mildots to be accurate, you have to be on the designated magnification, which for this scope is 16x.

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