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This Millett DMS 1-4x24mm Designated Marksman Scope features an illuminated red Donut-dot reticle and matte black finish. If your scope won't fit these at least you have a ball park on how high the rings need to be to clear the front sight. Stout 1” aluminum construction stands up to heavy recoil and accommodates scopes with 1” or 30mm tubes. I cant speak to the quality of the Sightmark scope, but for 70 bucks more or so, you could get a Millet DMS scope, which have gotten very high reviews and very similar magnification. I think a SPR-E may be in my future because I really like the way they look plus they are supposed to be top notch quality, but for now I am probably going to use the CAA mount that I already have.
That being said I love my dms and will be upgrading the mount soon to either a adm recon or spr-e after deer season this year.

1" to 30mm Scope Mount Stout 1" aluminum construction stands up to heavy recoil and accommodates scopes with 1" or 30mm tubes. The red dot is used as quick acquistion backup to my bushnell 4200 scope, and that is about as far as I would trust it. If I may suggest an economical scope mount, check with Owenslee in the economical SPR mount thread.
I am very impressed with the quality of the scope for the price, and the rectical is very easy to use also.
I dont recall whether the DMS is a 1 in or 30 mm diameter, but the mounts the KErry found should work perfectly. If you don't want to spend that much you should look at the new Burris mounts or even the CAA mounts.

As I recall, the mounts that he has and can get are for 1" tubes and the DMS has a 30mm tube.
The lack of information about the Sightmark had me a little concerned, so I am glad that the Millett had been used and reviewed much more thoroughly.

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