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One other thing, if you find a large open bin of millet spray at the pet store, don't buy it. Kiwi, Zebra, Pepsi, Bananas, Twirl, Circus, Forest, Zipps, Butters, Mallow, City, Errol, Nimbus, Luna, Pie and Toby. As for seed companies, I use FEDCO and Johnny's (both in Maine), and Seed Savers Exchange mostly.
Thanks guys, I had a feeling it was more small bird stuff, and thought corn cob anything just sounded like food lol. A travel cage- yikes, I never even thought of that- and it is entirely possible we may need to travel with her by car to see family and such- thanks for that thought! Rosie and Kenji both like Millet spray, I give them a chunk and they'll hold it with their foot lol.

Rosie and Kenji both like Millet spray, but they rarely get it since the local stores have poor quality. LOL Some birds eat messier than others, Rosie takes it very gently and often eats one or two seed at a time while my friends cockatiel and Kenji my CAG grabs entire mouthfuls making a big mess.
We feed organic grain and organic (from the garden vegetables in season), but I know it might be hard to find organic grain for planting. They got the broccoli and Brussels sprouts plants last week, and all the usual leaves not quite fit for human consumption. Millet is more for small birds and a mineral block is pnot needed if your bird is on a good diet.
People with smaller birds who buy it all the time may have better pointers for what's the best.

Johnny's has a Japanese millet, says that it is deep-rooted, grows tall, has to be plowed in. However I do stay up late some nights and I have learned of course that this is not good for her, particularly because of hormonal issues, etc. The bagged millet is often lighter in weigh too, like any moister that was present(which is very little) has been sucked out because it's old.

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