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As an upland food source, Japanese millet should be planted in pure stands as a field crop.
TestimonialI just wanted to send you some pictures to show you how well the grass seed we bought from Hancock Seed in mid June 2008 worked for us. Hybrid Pearl Millet Seed - Hybrid Pearl Millet is a warm season annual forage crop planted for cattle, sheep, goats, horses and wildlife. Pearl millet (Pennisetum americanum) and sorghum-sudan hybrids (Sorghum x drummondii), are warm-season, rapidly growing, high-yielding, high-quality, annual grasses.
Both pearl millet and sorghum-sudan hybrids can be grown on low-fertility soils that are moderately acidic. One important difference between pearl millet and the sorghum-sudan hybrids is that the sorghum-sudan hybrids contain a compound called dhurrin which can break down to release prussic-acid (HCN) and cause poisoning in cattle. Prosso millet (Panicum miliaceum) is a bit more cold tolerant than browntop millet but has similar uses. Sorghum-sudan hybrids are similar to pearl millet in growth habit, season of production, use, and recommended management practices, but they differ in some ways.
With a tolerance for wet and muddy soil conditions while growing, Japanese millet is able to be flooded while growing as long as its leaves remain above water. It can be grown throughout the state on well-drained soils but does not perform well on calcareous soils or on flatwood sites that flood. It is an excellent seed producer and is often planted to provide feed for mourning doves and other game birds.

The seed-head is a compact panicle-type inflorescence four to eight inches long, purplish in color, with awnless seeds. After maturity is reached, a Japanese millet plot is able to be flooded and used as a duck pond due to its tolerance for wetness. Occasionally they may be planted in a pasture renovation program, where the perennial grass is destroyed and the area is planted with the annual grass. Soil temperature must be warm before planting since seed germination and seedling growth are very sensitive to cool soil conditions. Apply 30 lb of N per acre, 50 percent of the soil-test recommended K2O, and all of the P2O5 in a preplant or at-planting application. Japanese millet is a good choice if you are needing to do a mid-summer planting, and will help with soil erosion, nitrogen scavenging, and also soil building. This tolerance for wetter conditions also makes Japanese millet a strong nurse crop to protect slower growing, more tender legumes.
As an erosion control plant it is used as a quick growing companion crop with perennial grasses and legumes and is especially suited to wet sites. Pearl millet and sorghum-sudan hybrids are excellent creep pasture for nursing calves and may be harvested as hay, green chop, or silage. A named variety, Chawapa, grows taller and produces more forage than the common japanese millet.
Crabgrass is a relative of Pangola digitgrass, but unlike Pangola it can be established from seed.

The seeding date may be timed to synchronize the maturity date of seed with the fall migration of specific migratory birds.
The taller types may produce more forage dry matter per acre than the dwarf types, but animal production is usually the same. Japanese millet is sometimes seeded with a new planting of bahiagrass to furnish an early grazing or seed crop.
Crabgrass is a reseeding annual and can re-establish itself in the spring if allowed to make seed in the previous growing season. Japanese millet is also planted for wildlife feed and for temporary soil stabilization on construction sites. A low seeding rate or poor stand may not be a disaster since many varieties have excellent tillering capability and can fill in voids.
Both pearl millet and the sorghum-sudan hybrids can accumulate nitrates during a drought if nitrogen is applied just prior to the beginning of the drought.

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