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Cooking quinoa, millet, buckwheat and amaranth Cooking these pseudograins, as they are sometimes known, is no harder than getting pasta right. If millet is not available, there are a couple of other seeds that can be sprouted for livestock fodder. The quality of seed that you use in your FodderPro Feed System directly affects the quality of the fodder that sprouts. Scientist discusses early-flowering pearl millet with farmers in the Keita region of Niger. Traits that potentially enhance adaptive plasticity or yield stability in variable climates include photoperiod-sensitive flowering, plastic tillering, flooding tolerance, seedling heat tolerance, and phosphorus efficiency. In genebanks, humidification of large numbers of seed samples (sometimes in thousands) is necessary for germination tests, but the recommended procedure is rather difficult and resource demanding.
Diverse pearl millet seeds can be safely dried and germinated over wide moisture regimes (5–11%). A single mature Striga plant can produce up to 200,000 tiny (dust like) seeds that can spread easily with contaminated crop seeds, farm tools, wind, water and animals, and can stay viable in the soil for up to 10 years or more. The President of Niger, His Excellency Mahamadou Issoufou, accompanied by high level officials, visited a West Africa Seed Alliance Seed Project (WASA-SP)-supported farm on 19 April in Niamey.
The President visited the farm of Mr Hima Abdoulrazack who had the advantage of WASA-SP’s technical support and provision of millet seed such as the favored SOSAT-C88. On 28 May, the team visited the Ilonga Agricultural Research Institute based in Kilosa district where the SIMLESA team from the eastern zone presented progress made under various objectives including pigeonpea breeding and seed systems. In his remarks upon the conclusion of the field visit, Ganga Rao shared his views on the most suitable varieties of pigeonpea for target locations and production of quality seed.

Because of this, millet should be used in combination with grains at no more than 50% of the total feed mix. To ensure that the fodder you are producing for your animals is healthy and safe, we recommend that you purchase the highest quality, cleanest and least processed seed available.
A combination of 3-7% seed moisture content (mc) and a storage temperature below 0°C is suitable for long-term preservation of germplasm samples. The aim of humidification is to increase seed mc slowly to 16–18% by absorption of water vapor instead of liquid water. Considering these limitations an experiment was conducted using pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) seed accessions conserved in ICRISAT’s genebank in India to test the impact of conditioning on seed viability. Initially the videos were shown to farmers on their visits to the Institute, or in the evenings in open air viewings followed by healthy discussions. His fenced farm equipped with California grid, is supported by three cannon sprinkler irrigation outlets, which has allowed the sowing of millet under irrigation since February 2012.
When crop seeds are dried to low moisture levels, they decrease in weight and volume, and might develop seed coat cracks if dried too rapidly. Seeds at 8% mc and below, irrespective of species, should routinely be humidified before germination tests. Freshly harvested and cleaned seed samples were first held in cloth bags under short-term storage conditions (25В°C and 40% RH).
The number of accessions losing viability gradually increased with 24-hour humidification and further with 48-hour duration compared to dry seeds. However, for pearl millet seed stored at ultra dry moisture levels, there is a need to identify humidification requirements.

This weed attaches itself to the roots of pearl millet, sorghum, maize, rice and other cereals, and sucks the nutrients out of healthy plants. Using their combined knowledge, they developed an integrated set of Striga and soil fertility management practices (ISSFM) that farmers can adapt to their specific situation of sorghum and pearl millet cultivation. Millet is grown for a variety of purposes including livestock feed, beer making and as a human food source. Dried seeds are susceptible to mechanical injuries, especially when they absorb water too quickly, and suffer what is called imbibition injury.
For drying, about 200 g seed was placed in perforated muslin bags and kept in a seed drier maintaining 15В°C and 15% RH until the seeds reached equilibrium moisture levels. The effect of this parasite is devastating, and yield losses for pearl millet and sorghum are estimated between 40-80%. Separate samples of about 20 g dry seed were collected in paper bags with open covers and equilibrated under ambient conditions (25В°C and 50% RH) for 72 hours. It is commonly mixed with other seeds, such as oat or barley, to provide a more complete ration. Millet (or barley, for that matter) and sausages cook to a robust weeknight supper which wouldn’t suit the refinements of arborio, although it has the comforting quality of risotto. Check that the millet is tender and the water has been absorbed (if the millet has caught on the bottom to make a browned, nutty crust, so much the better).

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