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In this article you will find the Rejuvenation Millet pillow review, made by Serenity, covering the points below.
This pillow is especially designed for people who require great amount of support in terms of the distance between the bed and the head when sleeping on the side.
The pillow is also adjustable because you are able to get different support at different angles of the pillow and you are also able to open the zipper and take out of some of the pieces of the buckwheat and millet hulls which would reduce the height of the support if you wish so. I always find it interesting to look in the details of what people say and also the way they say it and the effort they put in their reviews and comments.

Old World Europeans and Asians have been utilizing buckwheat and millet hulls to fill pillows for centuries to aid in sleep and support. For example one of the buyers was telling his story of buying several pillows every year because all the ones he experienced, over time, got flatter so he was not getting the support he needs, but he was clearly happy about the Serenity Rejuvenation Millet Pillow’s superior 4”-6” height support and due to its dual chamber design this pillow was not getting flatter.
I find this information very important for any side sleeper and already just based on this it is possible to recommend this pillow. And in one of the customer reviews the lady was explaining that she bought 2 of these pillows for both herself and her husband and since she wanted more firmness and her husband wanted more soft then they simply opened the zipper of these side sleeper pillows and swapped some of the millet hulls from one pillow to another thereby both becoming very satisfied.

In my other side sleeper pillow reviews I have not seen such good height support or the adjustability feature I explain here.

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