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The pillow types highlighted in this section consist of small filler beads that range in composition from synthetic to organic materials. This unconventional choice for pillow filler is gaining popularity, thanks in part to television advertisements for the Japanese Sobakawa pillow.
A particular advantage of the buckwheat pillow is its airflow, providing for an extremely cool sleeping experience. Buckwheat pillows are incredibly affordable when you consider that their lifespan is typically 10+ years.
Also, millet hulls are softer than buckwheat hulls, providing a less firm pillow, but they still contour to the shape of your neck and head. If you seem to change pillows year after year due to decreasing volume, high-quality millet pillows only lose a minimal amount of their elasticity, and hence volume, much like buckwheat hulls. Microbead pillows are similar in feel to buckwheat and millet, but these pillows do not contain hull fillings. Like their bead pillow cousins, microbead pillows are supportive and offer contoured comfort. There are, however, several disadvantages to feather pillows that have led to its gradual market decline. Note that with a feather pillow, you are literally sleeping on duck and geese feathers, which often have pointy quills at one end.
Down pillows are measured by fill power (fluffiness) and weight (how many ounces of down are contained within the pillow). Note that down traps heat close to the bodies of ducks and geese and will do the same in your pillow. If you are allergic to feathers or down, synthetic down pillows are available that offer the same consistency of down without the animal by-product.
Like memory foam pillows, some latex pillows are actually made in a mold so that they pop out into a specific shape and hold that shape.
You can also getВ shredded latex pillowsВ that are stuffed with pieces of natural latex rubber.
Foam pillows are designed to encompass the shape of your head and retain that shape for all-night support. Memory foam pillows provide a molded sleeping surface and are perfect for sleepers that need maximum head support. Memory foam is typically firm and does not provide the fluffiness some sleepers seek in a pillow. Foam pillows can give off a faint (or sometimes strong) chemical odor that will usually disappear after a few days of use. Finally, you can’t mention memory foam pillows without linking to the biggest name in memory foam, TempurPedic.
For some sleepers, a cool sleeping surface is enough to lull them to sleep; others may need long-term pillow coolness and may want to seek more ventilated options such as beaded pillows.
Cooling gel is often found in hybrid pillow types: you can buy a cooling gel memory foam pillow or cooling gel neck contour pillow, for example. There are also pillows engineered for a variety of conditions, ailments, and special needs.
CPAP breathing machines can force sleepers into an uncomfortable sleeping position because standard pillow types don’t have any clearance room for the mask and tubing. Another type of sleep apnea pillow helps reduce snoring by keeping the airway and spine extended. Finally, wedge pillows are often used by sleep apnea patients; these pillows are described in detail later. For traveling, the ever-popular U-shaped neck pillow provides neck support while in rigid, often uncomfortable travel positions. Alternatively, a rectangular cervical pillow includes a middle curvature that aligns the cervical spine. One of the most popular maternity pillows is shaped somewhat like a fishhook and is intended for side sleeping, often the most comfortable sleeping position for pregnant women.
Because the fishhook design is so thin, the pillow can be folded into various cushion shapes for the back, feet, and head as well.

Because maternity and body pillows are hugged by the body, they are usually filled with cotton or wool so expect them to “give” a little. Straight body pillows look like extra long pillows and therefore can be used as a single pillow by multiple sleepers, if needed. These specially designed curved pillows provide proper spinal alignment to reduce strain and back fatigue for those who find themselves sitting for long periods of time. The purpose of a wedge pillow, like other specialty pillows, is to force bodily alignment: in this case, the goal is to position a sleeper in an incline. Wedge pillows are often made from memory foam and are therefore firm so as to support the upper body.
Wedge pillows are also used to elevate the legs during massages or extended resting periods. In this article you will find the Rejuvenation Millet pillow review, made by Serenity, covering the points below. This pillow is especially designed for people who require great amount of support in terms of the distance between the bed and the head when sleeping on the side. The pillow is also adjustable because you are able to get different support at different angles of the pillow and you are also able to open the zipper and take out of some of the pieces of the buckwheat and millet hulls which would reduce the height of the support if you wish so.
On the downside, these hulls are known to make a slight crunching noise, so if you’re a light sleeper, you might want to consider earplugs or another pillow type. Unlike buckwheat, millet is actually a grain, best known as bird seed, although it’s a grain that is edible for humans, too. You probably won’t hear a crunching noise when moving your head on this pillow since the hulls are smoother.
Feather pillows can be incredibly soft and supportive, as they contain pliable filler that can be manually adjusted to fit the shape of your head and neck. First, people who are allergic to feathers must be careful to use a hypoallergenic version or synthetic feather pillow in order to prevent a reaction. Don’t be surprised if you feel a prick or two as you maneuver your pillow into a comfortable shape.
If you run hot while sleeping, consider looking into a gel-based or beaded pillow to provide a cooler sleeping experience. This extremely well reviewed and popular Talalay latex pillow on Amazon is an example of such a pillow.
The advantage of a pillow like this is that you can move the latex pieces around inside the pillow and get exactly the shape and thickness that you like.
Once you take your head off the pillow, memory foam will slowly spring back into its original shape. If you like the feel of memory foam but prefer a softer pillow, check out this less firm memory foam pillow that comes with a removable velour cover. For this reason, sleepers with allergies or other sensitivities might want to let the pillow air out for a day or two prior to use in order to avoid irritation. Some pillows such as this one consist of ventilated foam to better circulate air, resulting in a cooler pillow surface.
Some are specifically designed to accommodate CPAP breathing machines, such asВ this one.В This pillow has a cutout on the top side of the pillow to accommodate the mask and keep it securely in place.
The ideal firmness and pillow curvature will differ for each person, but there are several types of neck pillows available. These soft pillows can be filled with microbeads, foam, or cotton and remain a lightweight travel solution.
A neck roll pillow supports the neckline, aligning the cervical spine to the top of the skull. On its side, the pillow looks like a wave; often the curvature is higher at one end of the pillow than the other, allowing customers to choose the most comfortable elevation for their neck. A maternity pillow is a large, curved pillow that is intended to be cradled by the pregnant sleeper. The top of the pillow cradles the head while the bottom portion of the pillow tucks between the legs, reducing lower body strain with its cushioned support.
Straight and cylinder-shaped or curved like a “U,” these pillows function in the same manner as maternity pillows by supporting legs, arms, and heads.

Lumbar pillows are often made of firm memory foam to firmly hug the back’s curves and provide ample support. The wedge pillow is a popular design for sleepers with sleep apnea, spinal injuries, digestive issues (especially GERD), or sinus issues. This standard wedge pillow is foldable, permitting the customer to increase the angle of incline.
Remember that foam pillows can give off an odor, so be sure to allow it to air out for a few days prior to using.
For example one of the buyers was telling his story of buying several pillows every year because all the ones he experienced, over time, got flatter so he was not getting the support he needs, but he was clearly happy about the Serenity Rejuvenation Millet Pillow’s superior 4”-6” height support and due to its dual chamber design this pillow was not getting flatter. Buckwheat is a healthy dietary alternative to rice, wheat, and corn and its hulls are now being used as pillow filling. Millet pillows may have a “wheaty” odor for a few weeks, but this is a natural scent, unlike the chemical odor released by other pillows, particularly those made of foam. Microbead pillows can be too firm for some sleepers and can also contain a slight chemical odor upon first uses.
Further, feather pillows provide a haven for dust mites, so hypoallergenic pillow cases might need to be used, which can stiffen the pillow’s natural fluffiness some.
For this reason, down pillows are generally fluffier than feather pillows and are washable.
If you are not allergic to either but cannot decide which to purchase, about 70 customers agree that this down and feather mix pillow might be a good place to start.
Some users have even complained that the initial scent resulted in headaches or dizziness, but these symptoms can usually be prevented by allowing the pillow to air out, as mentioned.
Users cannot agree whether the pillow is “too firm,” “too soft,” or “just right,” but the pillow’s better-than-average coolness seems uncontested. The downside to using this type of pillow is that your sleeping position must remain the same in order to take advantage of the pillow’s unique shape. Not intended to be a permanent fix, this pillow helps prevent neck slumping while dozing off or resting. This cylinder-shaped pillow reduces pressure on cervical vertebrae and helps prevent stiff necks upon waking. These pillow types are made of soft to rigid foam to provide support to more serious cases of cervical spine misalignment.
The pillow provides support in multiple areas to allow the pregnant body to settle into a comfortable sleeping position. This model is particularly well reviewed, but this pillow comes with a gel pad that can be cooled or heated to provide pain relief. I find this information very important for any side sleeper and already just based on this it is possible to recommend this pillow. And in one of the customer reviews the lady was explaining that she bought 2 of these pillows for both herself and her husband and since she wanted more firmness and her husband wanted more soft then they simply opened the zipper of these side sleeper pillows and swapped some of the millet hulls from one pillow to another thereby both becoming very satisfied.
However, do note that the pillows are typically sold overstuffed; this type of pillow will lose a small amount of its volume over the first year. These hulls are small and silky smooth, and they make up the material that goes inside a millet hull pillow. Finally, feather pillows can be quite expensive due to the nature of the filling and may lose their shape after years of use, flattening into an uncomfortable head pad. Softer density pillows are ideal for stomach sleepers, medium density pillows are optimal for back sleepers, and firm density pillows are great for side sleepers. Dunlop is the other major manufacturing method, which produces a denser, more durable pillow.
For neck support while driving, purchase a neck pillow with a strap that secures to your car’s headrest. In my other side sleeper pillow reviews I have not seen such good height support or the adjustability feature I explain here.

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