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Amaranth ( Al kuttaifa in Arabic): Ancient grain once grown by the Aztecs for its superior nutrient content. BuckwheatВ ( HentaВ sawdaВ in Arabic): Buckwheat is technically not a grain and it is not related to the wheat family. Bulgur (borghol in Arabic):В Bulgur is made from wheat kernels which have been boiled, dried and cracked. Quinoa (same name in Arabic pronounced Keen-wah):В Quinoa is an ancient grain once cultivated by Incas in Peru. Rice, corn, wheat, farroВ and triticale (both wheat species) are also grains which I haven’t discussed here.
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Here’s a list of whole grains that are good for you and will add variety to your diet. Oats in every form are considered a whole grain because their bran and germ do not get removed during processing.
Whole grains are nutritious, high in protein, vitamins and minerals making them ideal if you are a vegetarian or trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Its proteinВ contains the amino acid lysine which is missing or found in negligible amounts in other grains.
However, try to stay clear of the sugar-added instant varieties and fat-laden granola bars. Teff is extremely nutritious as it has twice the amount of iron and three times the amount of calcium as any other grain.

Consumed with a healthy diet, whole grains may reduce the risk of heart disease, and may help with weight loss and constipation. Millet Seeds are good source of very important nutrients such as copper, manganese, phosphorus and magnesium.

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