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7 Tips to Milk Your Prostate Oct 18, 14 05:31 PMOne Of them is by using Milking Device. A prostate massage involves stimulating the prostate gland to achieve medical benefits or sexual stimulation.
Prostate massage can be performed on your own, but it can also be performed by your health practitioner, or your sexual partner. The prostate gland can be massaged externally by massaging the strip called the perineum, that lies between the root of the penis and the anus. Before you begin the internal prostate massage, make sure your hands are clean and your fingernails are trimmed. Let’s try to imagine for a second, a world in which you have all the time and resources in the world to take care of your prostate in the best possible way. External Massage- Trimming and grinding the nails of your finger properly is extremely important. Sex is a natural and very beneficial function for the prostate gland because it moves fluids and helps to reduce toxins that can build up in the prostate gland. Sadly, sex after prostate surgery becomes a problem for many men who have gone under the knife. Please read more here on the site about the risks of prostate surgeries, drug treatments and natural alternatives. Similarly, sex and prostate health after prostate cancer depends a lot on the treatment type you have received. No doubt about it: for most men, sex and prostate health can be enhanced by sexual prostate massage.
60 Year old BPH sufferer Not rated yet I am 60 years old and have an enlarged prostate.
Prostate massagers are the safe, modern way to reap the benefits of what used to be done routinely by doctors and urologists to improve blood flow and circulation and to remove toxins from the prostate gland. This prostate massage device uses sonic pulsations to do the same thing in a fraction of the time and is actually the superior way to do this health practice.
This is by far the best prostate massager to use if you have more time to relax and enjoy the benefits and pleasure of a prostate massage. Learn about the right prostate massage technique and how to massage your male hot zone correctly.
In this article, we will learn about the benefits as well as the methods of performing a prostate massage. The prostate can be massaged externally, or by inserting ones finger into the anus and gently massaging the muscles of the prostate gland. Although the procedure may seem awkward to some men, prostate massage can be really helpful to those suffering from any type of prostate related complications.
It would require quite a few changes to your daily routine, but would result in a nearly perfectly healthy prostate that would stand the test of time, and remain in bulletproof over the years.
Prostate massage which is also known as prostate milking are terms used to describe the massage or stimulation of the prostate gland in males. It is a compound tubuloalveolar exocrine gland found in male reproductive system, which stores and secretes a milky-white alkaline fluid that constitutes almost 30% of the semen, the male organic fluid responsible for human reproduction. Then washing your hands with sterilizers before conducting the self prostate massage procedure is essential. Prostate massage provides stimulus to the prostate resulting in increased blood flow, fluid movement and improved prostate health.In the Tantric and Taoist traditions of the East, advanced sexual techniques were developed so that men could control their ejaculations. Prostate surgeries combined with chemotherapy are the worst in terms of sex after prostate cancer. It is also ideal if you want to combine the prostate massage benefits with erotic sexual stimulation. Before we learn about how to perform a prostate massage, let's see more about the prostate gland and its functions. There are three ways of performing a prostate massage - external, internal, and using a prostate massage device. Yes, it is very difficult finding the time in your well adjusted lifestyle and changing your habits, but you just need to understand that most of the time your prostate problems are a result of that exact lifestyle, and hence you need to target the root of the problem! Let us paint you a picture of a lifestyle chain of events!Jim likes women, beer and fast food.
Prostate massage has been practiced for centuries as part of holistic oriental health practices. One of the reasons that prostate massage is recommended is to help in the removal of these toxins.

Virtually all mainstream medical treatments for prostate cancer do not have good outcomes for sex and prostate health.Remember that your prostate gland is crucial for so many functions and is easily compromised by modern treatments for prostate cancer. Many men with erectile difficulties benefit from prostate massage.Prostate massage can be non-sexual.
The best way to do an internal sexual prostate massage is with a specially designed prostate massage device.These tools are designed to do an optimum massage.
External prostate massage devices massage the prostate externally by working on the perineum. In those individuals suffering from prostate cancer, it can lead to the spread of the cancerous cells to other parts of the body. It stimulates blood flow in the prostate gland, which leads to relief of pain, reduces inflammation and gets rid of feeling of discomfort.
The best solution is a natural one where you remove the causes of your prostate condition and allow your body to heal naturally. It used to be routinely done by urologists up until about 30-40 years ago.Read more about prostate massage benefits.
You should be able to reach your prostate gland, which will feel like a soft mass of round tissue. If you have severe inflammation from an infection in the prostate, or prostatitis, then it may be best to get the advice of your doctor first. Cancerous cells can then disappear while your immune system gets stronger.Studies now confirm that life expectancy is not improved by prostate cancer surgeries and intervention.
The prostate gland is partly muscular, which helps in discharging semen during ejaculation. Gently stroke the gland along its sides in a wave-like motion, and make sure to avoid the central part of the prostate gland. Then I was diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis later on and so my lifestyle had to change if I wanted to be a man in a full sense of this word.
You can practice this yourself by doing prostate kegel exercises and by pressing firmly with your finger on the external male G-spot just before the point of no return.This spot is the perineum area just about an inch below the scrotum. That was when I dove deep into research of all sorts of prostate related conditions and dedicated nearly a decade to it until I found the perfectly balanced lifestyle that fits my condition.Having a PHD has given me the academic skills and dedication to be devoted to this cause. After you have inserted the finger to some extent, you need to crook the finger at a particular angle until you can reach the outer walls of your prostate gland. From antibiotics to naturopaths to reflexology to acupuncture to pelvic floor and penis targeted exercises, to Viagra, tantric yoga, sex therapists and prostate massages – I’ve tried it all!
It has also been found that prostate-related problems, unlike today, were more or less unheard of in past.
Prostate massage dramatically increases the flow of blood into the prostate gland more effectively than any other prostate treatment out there.
Partly due to the age-old prostate-massage techniques prevalent in those days and partly because only few men lived long enough to experience prostate related conditions.However, with the advent of new-age medicines and technology, many of these natural remedies have been replaced by advanced antibiotics and surgical methods. Prostatitis is caused by certain bacteria accumulating within the acinisacs of the male prostate gland and resulting in swelling of the same.
It is most definitely the best aid in promoting prostate healing!Whether for preventative purposes or to heal yourself, you can have excellent prostate health! In this case Prostate massage can increase the blood flow, which helps removing those bacteria out of the gland.2. Let’s go over the steps involved in establishing this ultimate prostate defense!These seven steps are the key to a healthy prostate.
This condition is caused by bacteria that infect the tiny sacs found in the prostate gland which are responsible for the production of prostatic fluid.
Exercise also helps moderate the glucose level in or bloodstream, which could prevent the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate.As you get older, the need for exercise becomes essential, as without it you may think you are healthy as a bull, but your sexual performance is bound to suffer in one way or the other compared to your sporty acquaintance. Massaging the prostate regularly helps stimulate blood flow and sends nutrients and oxygen to the prostate.
Prostate massage can also increase the flow of seminal fluids and strengthens the penis muscles which lead to eradicating this disorder to a great extent. There are more efficient ways of making sure that your prostate gets sufficient blood circulation.
Limiting the occurrence and spread of these bacteria can improve your chances of avoiding prostate cancer.Reduced Occurrence of ImpotenceThe prostate is responsible for producing seminal fluid, and massaging it either just before sexual activity, or even days before can help improve the incidence rate of impotence. By massaging the prostate, blood and semen flow to the penis can be increased, lessening the effects of erectile dysfunctions.Increased OrgasmsThe prostate is known to be the male G-spot, providing orgasms similar to the ones that women routinely experience when properly stimulated.

The process involves inserting a lubricated or a gloved finger through the anal opening of the patient and reaching the gland and stimulating the prostate with gentle strokes and pressure. Now, after the finger (or the instrument) inserted to a certain extent, it reaches the prostate gland. And perform the massage gently.Either you take up the internal method or the external method of self-prostate massage, you must need to take care of the issues before the Prostatitis situation spirals out of your hand. Like we said, the best way to receive a prostate massage is by using a specifically designed massager.
It is essential to go to the doctor and learn whether prostate massage therapy could be is right for you and then. The Prostatitis is a very curable disorder and there is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed or maligned. There are plenty of prostate self-massage devices on the market, designed both for the health benefits of a prostate massage, and the sexual stimulation that a prostate massage can supply.Some of the more notable prostate massage devices you will stumble upon were originally designed for pleasure purposes and were sold in sex shops. Majority of the products out there have a simple design that makes it easy to massage male G spot and prostate gland resulting in pleasurable sensations.
After you have inserted your finger completely, bent it and you should feel the walls of your prostate gland. Takefish oil capsules as a supplement.Avoid prostate irritators such as black tea, coffee, alcohol, greasy food. The internal method is more of cumbersome, whiles the external method relatively popular and is very easy to practice and does not hamper the daily life of a person. Try to eat organic foods if possible, they contain less chemicals, which are known to lead to excess of masculine hormones, the elements that are responsible for hypertrophy of the prostate.
Drink 8 glasses of water a day to speed up toxin elimination.Keep Yourself WarmOne thing has been shown to aggravate and worsen prostate conditions, and that is coldness. Device releases 40,000 micro-vibrations per minute and operates in three impulse modes each targeted towards a different function - from improving semen quality and flow, to reducing prostate inflammation.
This is extremely important that you search the websites and have a fair amount of idea on how self prostate massage is done.
Hence, they tend to adopt the self prostate massage therapy, which consumes less time, but none less effective than the traditional internal method. In addition to that, those persons who find it a bit expensive to consult a doctor frequently, self prostate massage is a quiet relief to them which can save a lot of their valuable money. Always consult your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis before performing prostate massage.
There are also certain people, who feel very embarrassed to this whole process of undressing themselves in front of the doctor and other medical personnel in order to have the prostate massage. You should also avoid sitting on benches or other cold surfaces that would quickly chill your prostate.Taking warm baths and Sitz baths is not only a great way to warm your prostate and entire body, but is also a great pain reliever as well.
These people can easily adopt self prostate Massaging and get rid of the awkward moment and embarrassment. The easiest and at the same time most effective way to receive a prostate massage is by using a specifically designed massager. Strictly avoid using dildos, pencils or drumsticks as they will cause serious internal damages! Try our 3-D Sonic Prostate MassagerIf you do decide to try prostate massage therapy we recommend you try The 3-D Sonic Wave Prostate Massager. While you still must visit a doctor to get a proper diagnosis, nobody enjoys the process of going to see a doctor and have him put on the rubber gloves and administer prostate massages as a treatment.3 Mode Sonic massager targets nerves endings restoration in order to address prostate health and erectile dysfunction.
This is especially important for prostate health, as some of the most important extracts for prostate maintenance are not easy to find outside of supplements. Some of these are saw palmetto and beta sitosterol, which many prostate supplements use because of their great benefits to the prostate. If you can have sex twice a week or more, you’ll be doing your prostate a great service. However, stay safe especially if you are often changing partners, since unprotected sex can lead to bacterial infection and is often the cause of all sorts of prostate problems.An additional way to help keep your prostate in great health is to implement prostate massages into your regular sexual practices. It’s not actually the act of sex that is the key to good prostate health, but rather the act of ejaculating. And as mentioned above, you can also incorporate prostate massages into your masturbating to increase the overall positive effect on your health.

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