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I never really post in the Pocket Watch section much which is a shame really because as I have seen there are some beautiful pieces around.I thought I would show a couple of pictures of my only pocket watch.
As Strela has said, Benrus wasn't even part of the US war effort in WWII (though they produced notable military watches later on).
Some stay, some go to make room for others, you play with them for a while then look for a new toy, it is an addiction at least, a fascination of what is no more at best!
This has been issued to the Royal Air Force Tested March 06: CWC British Army current issue G10 quartz watch.

It's a JLC WW2 Military pocket watch that I bought around 7 years ago (doesn't seem like that long ago).I originally bought it when my girlfriend was going away to university. It has a few scuffs on it but you would expect to find them on a watch of this sort of age and there are some marks on the acrylic crystal which could be polished out with a little poywatch but I don't want to. It was repaired and serviced by an old watch repairer called Tony who has retired now but sold me a solid silver chain to keep it on. It's not a very expensive watch but I like it to be in one piece and working if I can help it Cheers Guys.

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