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The federal government's 1033 program allows law enforcement agencies to acquire special vehicles such as an amphibious LAV, Humvee, MRAP, patrol boat, helicopter or even a landing craft for specialized missions. Military Surplus Vehicles for Sale at Idaho Motor Pool: A fine selection of old military surplus, trucks, trailers and parts from this company. Military Vehicle at EBay: Almost 100 surplus military vehicles up for auction or immediate sale, including vintage military trucks and jeeps, as well as motorcycles, trailers and other non-traditional vehicles. The vehicles are a resource used when there are fewer deputies responding to emergencies or when there are high-risk situations.
LCSO issued a press release about the training operations and military vehicles in the community to prevent public alarm.
A Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle, or MRAP, sits in front of police headquarters in Watertown, Conn. The revelations about the military equipment provided through the agency's 1033 surplus equipment program have stoked concerns by civil rights groups that law enforcement is overreaching into school matters and contributing to a punitive atmosphere. Concerns about overly harsh discipline are intensified by the presence of intimidating military equipment in and around schools, which "only exacerbate existing tensions," civil rights groups said in a September letter to U.S.

Since the protests, in which crowds were hit with rubber bullets and tear gas and confronted by officers in armored vehicles, President Obama has ordered a review of the program.
Surplus equipment provided to police in districts as large as the 654,000-student Los Angeles school system includes M-14 and M-16 rifles, extended magazines, automatic pistols, armored plating, tactical vests, SWAT gear, Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected, or MRAP, vehicles, and grenade launchers, which are used by police agencies to deploy tear gas and smoke in crowd-control situations. A San Diego schools spokesperson said the district has been instructed to hold onto the MRAP until the Defense Department can address a bottleneck of agencies seeking to return equipment and find a new location for the vehicle.
In their letter, the civil rights organizations urged federal agencies to create a comprehensive list of what military equipment school-based agencies have acquired through the program and to prohibit school-based police from participating in 1033 in the future. A growing number of school officers have access to semiautomatic rifles, which are typically locked in safes or in police vehicles, Mr. Military Vehicles from Jeeps to Tanks of all ages and types for private collectors, museums and commercial users.
You can find here the vehicle details, photos, location and the prices for available inventory. The military surplus vehicles have been used in situations from drug warrants and stand-offs to search and rescue missions.

The Los Angeles school district police department is among those that have acquired such vehicles through a Pentagon surplus equipment program.
Department of Defense program that has been criticized for "militarizing" local police departments by providing them with free surplus equipment has also provided school police around the country with armored vehicles, semiautomatic rifles, and grenade launchers.
The agency does not take a position on what equipment officers should use, military surplus or otherwise, President Kevin Quinn said. With over 500 product categories and thousands of military surplus items and vehicles added weekly to their inventory, GL offers surplus bargain hunters a unique and vibrant pool of property for purchase and resale. Military Vehicle, Militaria and Ex Military Equipment dealers and private advertisers – updated every 12 hours.
You can contact them through email if you’d like to pursue a trade or sale or you want to have your vehicle appraised.

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