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You can perform this variant of the shoulder press seated (as shown), standing, or with alternate presses.
MOVE: With your knuckles pointed at the ceiling, push the weights straight up, stopping short of locking out your elbows.
Sit erect on a shoulder press bench with your head, upper back, and hips pressed against the pads. If one is not available, you can straddle a flat bench, but be sure to sit in an erect position with your feet flat on the floor .Maintain your erect torso position (do not lean back or lift off the bench as you press the dumbbells overhead).
The main advantage that is offers over the military press is that you do not need to move the bar around your face on the way up and down.

Begin with your elbows at shoulder level but slightly forward, forearms angled in slightly so that the inner plates of the dumbbells are directly above your delts. Then control the dumbbells all the way down until your upper arms are parallel to the floor or slightly lower, the weights at approximately ear level.
Pressing the dumbbells upward with palms facing forward (pronated grip) works both the anterior and the lateral head of the deltoid.
Pressing the dumbbells with palms facing together makes the anterior deltoid work harder, minimizing lateral head involvement.
This greater freedom of movement also increases shoulder muscle activation and can also be very useful for people with shoulder injuries since the dumbbells are far less stressful to the shoulder joint.

Just sit on a benchВ  and hold the dumbbells in front of your head using a neutral grip with your thumbs facing inward. Push upward without changing the direction of your elbow (which should always face forward).

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