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The behind-the-neck overhead press is likely no longer found in your personal trainer’s textbooks, as many of the old-school moves have been replaced with kinder, gentler versions.
The nice thing about the military station is that you can rack it from shoulder level (important because that’s where you’re going to reach failure). If you don’t have a military bench, work inside a power rack where you can adjust the safeties up or down.

If you’re new to this move or have relied a lot on dumbbells for your overhead pressing, be aware you’ll have to lean your head back slightly on each rep to get your chin out of the way of the bar, but avoid leaning back too far because that could cause undue stress on both your lower back and cervical spine. When doing presses to the front, as your elbows are drawn forward, you’re involving more of the front deltoid.
When doing presses behind the neck however, your elbows move out to your sides, which calls upon the middle delts to a much greater degree, thus making it your winner.

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