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Tweet[Updated with 2015 rates following 1% raise] Following the end of year presidential executive order, 2015В military basic pay for most armed services personnel will officially increase byВ 1 percentВ effective January 1, 2015. To get the latest news and changes on armed forces pay updates, I encourage you toВ connectВ via the free subscription options on the top right of this page. TheВ 1.7% military pay increase is effective from January 1st, 2013, To get the latest news and changes on armed forces pay updates, I encourage you to subscribe (free) via Email or RSS.
This is an interesting website for single mothers raising children of men in the military who are paying child support and some in the rear and paying the minimum amount possible.
With the new TurboTax Military Edition, get a customized experience that gets you military-specific tax deductions, start now. The initial 1.9% pay raise proposal was quashed in light of voter backlash on excessive government spending and ballooning federal deficits. Military basic pay is subject to federal income taxes, unless earned in a designated combat zone.
I will provide updates on proposed incentive and 2012 pay raise figures as soon as they are available and encourage you to subscribe (free) via Email or RSS to get notified of the latest updates and other money articles that could affect your finances. You seem to miss many points, Hawaii was am attack on America, because it directly effected the lives of Americans as well as crippling our military at a time when we actually chose to stay out. Sorry to inform you but you did comment how we didn’t need the military when you said there were 300+ million Americans many of which with guns. I think it’s funny that right-wingers forget the laws of economics when they talk about military pay.
I am in favor of every man and woman who puts their life on the line for others, not just military.
Thanks to your Husband for his service, and to you, being a military spouse is a hard job too.
I think the pay raise is ridiculous, but we dont have to pay for medical or prescription medicines!!!!!!!
No one put a gun to my head and made me enlist in the military, I will take any raise the government will give me. Well Msgt, First off your job as a Senior NCO is to take care of your guys and to help them understand the changes not to argue with them over semantics and attempt to justify the governments actions. Well Retired COL I agree with you partly, but why NOT support the government, they are the ones paying our bills!
President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act which includes a 3.4 percent pay increase for all servicemembers. This is in line with the one percent raise last year (see previous update below) and 2015 GS pay raise for federal employees.
Agreements to pay certain bonuses and allowances to military personnel will be extended for another year. 4.2% increase to the monthly payments of the basic allowance for housing (BAH), which helps service members cover the cost of housing.
In addition to the pay raise, service members will see an average 2% increase in 2012 for their basic allowance for housing (BAH). Based on what I am reading the 1.6% may be at risk and more like a 1% pay rise will be approved as part of the debt reduction deal. The President and Congress have approved a 1.4% pay rise for our armed forces members (Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard) with additional compensation or incentives for service members to be made via one time special payments. Basic pay for an O-7 to O-10 is limited by Level II of the Executive Schedule which is $14,975.10.

For the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, Chief Master Sergeant of the AF, Sergeant Major of the Army or Marine Corps or Senior Enlisted Advisor of the JCS, basic pay is $7,489.80. That’s the question in Congress, with both options of the 2011 military base pay raises being considered.
It was about Hypocritical , hard-working Americans who complain about paying for other hard-working Americans medical care. Yep its true, go to college or trade school, they will help you get your first job, just like the military.
I haven’t, but I do come from a military family and have nothing but respect for those who serve in whatever capacity. Todays E-1 in the Military is not sitting on mom and dads couch playing X box and smoking weed sir.
My comments on the pay freeze were nor centered around not getting raises, it was posted before it became public knowledge that our military might not receive pay at all at the time. It’s ridiculous for the military to think they deserve something espeically when it is an all VOLUNTEER force unlike other countries.
We in the military are paid well or at least the enlisted are for not having any education, or minimum training.
The tables below show the final 2015 basic pay tables based on pay grade and years of service. Provisions in the bill would allow certain dual military couples to earn a housing allowance while assigned to sea duty. We do our best to maintain current information, but due to the rapidly changing environment, some information may have changed since it was published.
Shown below are the 2011 military pay tables from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) that are effective from January 1st 2011. Basic pay for O-6 and below is limited by Level V of the Executive ScheduleВ  which is $12,141.60. See Department of Defense Financial Management Regulations for more detailed explanation on who is eligible for this special basic pay rate. Yet they don’t seem to mind tossing a nice chunk of their paycheck to fund the health care costs of hard-working Americans who just so happen to be in the military.
You don’t deserve a pay raise until every other hard working American gets a pay raise. The military, for the most part, doesn’t really do much for our economy, other that dump truckloads of money on foreign nations.
I’m not saying we need huge jumps in pay, but in light on recent events a paycheck for a job worked is not to much to ask.
The tables below show the 2014 basic pay tables based on pay grade and years of experience. In all honesty, I don’t mind the fact that my tax dollars are used to pay the troops.
I am not in the military, my husband is, but the company I work for has given its employees raises every year when you have a positive year end review. Those jobs can be compared, Iv’e seen the slackers, and yes the military standards are higher or you face the UCMJ.
Seargent Major Fox, Sir I commend you on your 28 years of service to our Country, But, sir your comment ” Its nice of you to think you have “earned” the right to speak up and say that a Pay Freeze on the Military is not out of order.
And you are saying that a person who is untrained, fresh out of high school deserves to get paid the same amount as an E-1, who by the way doesn’t start getting paid till they ate out of boot camp and mct which is the military equivalent to a two degree in college.

Oh and the President has not received a pay raise since 2001 and he has a much larger responsiblity than we do in the military. You get a yearly allowance for gear, which doesn’t cover all clothing needs seeing how approved military uniforms cost more than the typical jeans and a t shirt worn by many Americans.
It is hard for any family when someone deploys for a long time, but they get family separation allowance, tax free pay, hazardous duty pay.
You sound like a man who says they were in the military but is basing you facts on tv and movies. They must pay for tennis shoes, running is not an option it is a must, as well as boots which you have to buys yearly if not twice s year based on wear, which the cheapest pair is 100$.
Well, from the last four reenlistments I have done for myself, no one has made me do it… So looking at the deficit at our country and what others are going through, while people in the military have iPhones, flat screen TVs.
The insurance doesn’t cover everything at other hospitals, and for family its only at military hospitals in the region in which you live, so just like everyone eles I pay for medical, with insurance and co-pays. You assume any HS grad that doesn’t join the military, flips burgers, plays games and smokes weed.
To get there is paid out of pocket and then reimbursed, which many corporation do, when they send employees to work overseas, not just military. I will not apologize for not having served when I did yes the 80’s,as did you, I did try to rejoin the military as a Registered Nurse a few years ago but a small cataract ended that option. I will not apologize for not having served when I did yes the 80′s,as did you, I did try to rejoin the military as a Registered Nurse a few years ago but a small cataract ended that possibility. I digress, My original point, the Military pay scale, your a E-9 pay as you stated should be $6215 a month, $74500 a year, I understand you are a SNCO, with many responsibilities.
We pay just like everyone, the military id only covers driving govt vehicles, such as humves.
Your pay should be $6215 a month, $74500 a year based on the recent DFAS, I understand you are a SNCO, with many responsibilities. I pointed to the combat pay($255) as woefully low, I had no feed back on that, combat troops should get a extraordinarily high increase for their duties while in hazardous duty ($150).
BUT the forces that are 9-5 as you say…and yes you know they exist today in the military, the combat support roles are numerically higher than combat troops, at almost 3 to 1.
With the jobs, companies may hire because of military background, but only certain professions. I am now a federal employee and have taken my 2 year pay freeze with the thought, “I love my country and if this is what the country needs, then I can bear it.” Don’t attack me sir, and make accusations, assume and try to belittle me. As for glasses, and housing, yes they are free ill give you that but also note that wearing glasses becomes hard with certain jobs so many have to wear contacts, like my husband, which we have to pay the same amount out of pocket as you do. Which is hard to get housing on some bases because they don’t have enough, and your housing allowances are pulled from your paycheck, which most pay becomes less than hourly minimum wage at that point.
Housing allowance pays you based on where you live and generally barely covers rent or morgage, that doesn’t include water, trash, food, insurance, and electricity.

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