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Young Emirati men preparing for possible national service in the UAE have welcomed a new TV series that examines life in the military. 7DAYS asked two male Emiratis of eligible conscription age to watch the first episode of four-part documentary ‘My Military, My Life’ (‘Hayati Walaskariya’). The show, which continues on Wednesday on Abu Dhabi Al Emarat TV, chronicles the lives of Emirati men and women serving in the UAE armed forces. The show debuted last Wednesday, the same week a compulsory military service bill was to go before parliament. Our young male Emirati viewers welcomed the show for shedding light on this previously elusive world. Personal trainer Sultan Al Dhaheri told 7DAYS that the programme is giving him an idea of what to expect of the military conscription that awaits him. Although he looks forward to giving back to his country during military service, Sultan has concerns about how it will affect his plans for higher education. To do our part in honoring the amazing folks who risk their lives to keep us free, we've decided to put together a list of some of the very best military documentaries that you can stream on Netflix right now.

Sure, this documentary actually covers a war that predates Veterans Day, but we're including it anyway because it's basically the high mark for any war documentary. Nominated for a 2013 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, Dirty Wars follows journalist Jeremy Scahill as he travels to several counties (including Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan) where the United States has made its presence felt in the long-running War on Terror. While there, Scahill investigates different incidents involving both the military and citizens in each country. When you're the master of the documentary (and even have an entire style of documentary films named after you), it should come as no surprise to see your name on a list like this more than once.
The film ran in seven parts over two weeks on PBS and focuses on four different American towns to show the impact of the war in many different parts of our country. Related ArticlesThe best documentaries on Netflix to stream right now'War of the Worlds' tripods invade World War I footage with chilling resultsNetflix picks up the 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' sequel.
The bill is likely to make military service compulsory for Emirati males between the ages of 18 and 30.
As well as detailing their daily responsibilities, the show also touches on how members of the armed forces spend time outside of their jobs.

Ahmad Al Baw, who posted a comment underneath the show’s official trailer on YouTube, echoed that sentiment, saying: “Well done UAE!
It won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary.
Ken Burns' 2007 film The War is a seven-part documentary about World War II told through the lens of the United States. Like Ken Burns: The Civil War, this film is exhaustive, informative, and an absolute must-watch for anyone interested the military.
It is, instead, an Academy Award-nominated documentary film about the 1946 nuclear tests that were performed around Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands.
With its Hollywood-style production values, upbeat music and real-life stories, ‘My Military, My Life’ aims to present a compelling picture of life in the UAE military.

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