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We offer custom blazer badges for Military, Police, Company, Coat of Arms, and even a Personalized Designed Clan badge for a family name. Sizes vary from one custom blazer badge to another, but the height of these can be anywhere from 2 X 3 inches to 12 X 12 inches for a normal size with the width or height varying greatly due to the design of each embroidery badge.
Take your design and add the width to the height and divided the total by 2 that will give you the average size of the patch or blazer badge.
As the pictures above show, the custom Company, Military, Police, and Family Name Clan Badges are of different shapes and sizes for each design.
The Tree Maker offers many types of custom made badges, rings, coat of arms, and other genealogy products.

We use only the highest quality materials and well trained technicians to operate the embroidery machinery that is required to create custom made badges. Each custom badge is embroidered with great care to show all the detail that makes them stand out. We also design universities and collage personalized badges, as well as clubs and other Associations. Also if the blazer badges are being made for a company logo, military, police, or a personalized clan badge showing the coat of arms, will also affect the size of each patch. We will provide assistance if needed for single images to; Corporate, Military, Police, and Family Name Clan designs.

We design universities and collage personalized badges, as well as clubs and other Associations.

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