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The folks at Reddit dig up "the world's saddest cookbook," titled Microwave Cooking for One.
When my parents were dating, and starting to get serious, my dad got this book for my mom for her birthday.
In 1987, The Book Services Ltd published a slim, 144-page cookbook called Microwave for One. Very little is known about the contents of the book, except for the few that have been lucky enough to chance upon a copy. Ever since La Verne was killed in the thresher, my microwave has sat unused, as I only ever knew how to cook for two. In addition to these reviews, the Random Eats blog tested out one of the book’s recipes.
Comments along these lines continued for some time, long enough for some to believe that Allison had just stopped caring about her primacy. For all it’s faults, the book provides what are the seminal recipes for Chicken Solitaire, Tuna Uno, and Pork Moi.
While my current crock pot is pretty small, I’ve got a 6-quart programmable slow cookerВ waiting for me in the states.
Because of this, you might be surprised to learn that you actually can cook real food with your microwave.
We decided to put Smith’s book to the test and try out her recipe for apple streusel cake. Please forgive us our mis-pronouncement and come, walk with us down the hallowed halls of literary infamy, for we have a whopper of a book to show you.
With no funds to purchase a replacement, and being unable to produce anything edible from that most complicated and infernal of modern inventions (the microwave), I often resorted to eating bits of roadkill in the corner of my shed while trying to warm myself in a cocoon of shredded newspapers.

But now, thanks to the magic of Sonia Allison’s inspirational tome, I have rediscovered the joy of living, loving, microwaving. But we do know that 12 years after Microwave for One‘s publication, a sort of turf war for solo microwaving dominance occurred when one Marie Smith, a spunky up-and-comer in the microwave cuisine arena, published Microwave Cooking for One.
There’s a juicer, blender, coffee maker, coffee press, tea kettle, two crock pots, half a dozen mixing bowls, a cheese grader, a wineВ aerator, five different pans, six special pots, one hamburger press, a heavy meat tenderizer, and all kinds of knives and peelers that I will never use.
I’ve used it to make some meatballs and a big thing of chicken with carrots and wild rice.
But she’s best known for her masterpiece of tragedy, a book whose title and cover is so rife with sadness that one almost has the urge to brush the invisible tears from Ms. Now, when I hold my gun to my forehead and rock slowly back and forth every night, keening with loneliness and despair, I am at least doing so with a belly full of salvation army rations seasoned and microwaved to perfection. I have accumulated enough empty boxes of Swanson Microwave Chicken to assemble them into life-sized sculptures of my grandchildren, with whom I dine each Tuesday. This leads to all kinds of impractical items like collar stays that turn into bottle openers, mini-fridges for mixers, and fancy cocktail shakers. It might not have the romance or time-tested reliability of the stove, but the microwave can be your secret weapon when it comes to preparing fresh food in your dorm.
The book, published in 1986, features a beaming gray-haired woman standing aside a bounty of freshly zapped microwave treats.
Cook 2:30 minutes (time might change depending on the power of your microwave) at 100% power, giving dish a half-turn halfway through cooking time. Please treat others the way you would like to be treated and be willing to take responsibility for the impact your words may have on others. With a pocket calculator I figured out how to cook for more than one, and have started my own catering business.

Most cookware in the United States should be microwavable, but make sure before you buy anything. The only food-related appliances that seem to have been spared the wrath of the almighty university are the mini-fridge and the microwave.
You can do a party of 16 or so out of one oven but it takes a lot longer than you’d think, and the outsides get a little chewy. One as decidedly unglamorous as the next, it’s difficult to imagine any culinary delights coming from either machine.
Inside this treasure trove of a book are recipes for such things as hamburgers, lobster thermidor, stuffed chicken breast and cheesecake.
My advice here is to get some cribbage boards and cards (from a flea market or your grammy) and serve cocktails while the meal is radiating. When I got back, all sunburned and smelling like dead fish, I was able to sit down and eat a hearty meal.
It’s a fair assumption — the microwave has long been associated with quick-fix meals that are lacking in both nutrition and imagination. After the meal it’s time for Walker, Texas Ranger on the VHS for that old timey family vibe!

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