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A sponge cake is soaked in a mixture of three kinds of milk and topped with whipped cream and optional strawberries. Written by Oriana Romero, born and raised in Caracas, and currently living in the Washington DC area. Written by one of the most creative food bloggers I know, Nicole Presley is a Mexican-American living in LA. Written by Yvette Marquez, originally from El Paso, Texas, and currently living in Colorado. Written by Marnely, a pastry chef originally from the Dominican Republic and currently living on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.
Written by Kate Ramos, a nueva Latina cooking her way through Mexico, Central America, and beyond.
Written by Denise Browning, originally from Pernambuco, Brazil and currently living in Texas. Very honored to be part of your list your recipes and photography are my favorite too Layla.
Wonderful blogs, wonderful food, wonderful people, and I cannot say enough good about Laylita’s Recipes!

I m so excited to be able to visit all these wonderful blogs and cook up some of the recipes.
I am very inspired by these bloggers and can relate to their passion for food and their food-related stories.
The food and photos are beautiful, a couple of my personal favorites include the Garlic Soup ShotsВ  and the Turron Ice cream.
You can’t miss these yummy empanadas filled with chocolate and chipotle or this coconut and cream cheese flan!
Her blog not only feature delicious Argentinean recipes, but also stories that give you a glimpse into life in Argentina. Check out her recipe for a mouthwatering mango upside-down cake  or these refreshing melon raspberry paletas . I would recommend starting with her recipe for Citrus Mojo-Infused Latin Grilled Chicken With Mango-Jalapeño Relish  and finishing the meal with any of her amazing flan recipes (I couldn’t choose just one).
The site includes recipes as well as recommendations for places to eat in Mexico’s capital. I was wondering if you have a chocolate cake recipe that contains mexican chocolate whipped cream, chocolate mousse filling and coconut dacquoise.

How sweet and lovely of you to mention Aromas y Sabores as one of your favorite Spanish and Latin food blogs. My favorites include Ceviche de Machas or Razor Clam CevicheВ  and the Dulce de Leche mousse looks to die for. One of my favorite Colombian dishes is bandeja paisa, she has a great recipe for this dish.
Gretchen is also a great baker and incorporates a Peruvian twist into the goodies she bakes, check out her Pisco Sour cupcakes. I post mostly Spanish recipes and I think you may be interested on it as this is what this post is about, Spanish and Latin food blogs.
I also have aВ list of favorite food blogs that are mainly in SpanishВ (and few in Portuguese) on the Spanish section of my site.

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