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Not a must but a Cast Iron Sizzler Pan (like the ones used in restaurants) will make this food sound delicious as well as smell delicious and will keep the chicken warm until you’re ready to roll.
Add the double cream to the chicken and mix well, this is just to glaze and stop the chicken being too dry, it will make it look shiny.
Rolling your own fajitas is quite easy - place your mix of salsa, guacamole, salad, cheese and lastly your Mexican Chilli Chicken in the centre of a warm fajita, make a fold along the bottom to hold your ingredients in then just roll the sides around the contents. If you love heat maybe this recipe is too bland for your taste buds, just add some of your favourite scorching chilli sauce at the rolling stage.
I think this recipe goes well with white wine (if you’re going for that romantic meal). We all look through the rearview mirror wishing we had done something different so why not be bold and look forward instead of backward and just do it. Do something special for someone – maybe help with a project, take them something, go visit and let them know they are special.

This makes it brilliant for sharing straight from the platter and a wonderfully romantic meal. Once golden move to one side of the pan and add the chicken, once the chicken is seared sprinkle the mexican spice mix over the contents of the full pan, stir well coating everything in the pan. Whilst the bread is heating remove the sizzler pan from the oven and place on a very hot hob for 1 minute until red hot. You can always double the recipe up and have friends round, go for a mexican night and serve with an ice cold mexican beer, Corona or Sol are my favourites.
It is often time a reminder that Summer will be here soon and I’m nowhere close to being ready for shorts and tank tops. Warm up with this salad that features grilled zucchini, peppers and tomatoes paired with marinated mushrooms.В  Find the full recipe HERE. IF THIS PLAN DOESN’T WORK FOR YOU, TAKE WHAT DOES WORK ANDВ MAKE IT YOUR OWN AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU!

Plan your meals for the week and enjoy the food you can nourish your body with it really is anВ endless array of colors and textures. It maybe through an online forum or maybeВ through one of the online Challenges Higher Power Fitness offers each month. You can mix and match these recipes or create your own… Add a protein, swap a veggie, or mix up your own dressing.

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