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Metabolic BalanceВ® is a scientifically based healthy eating programme, backed up by 20 years of research by German Physicians and Nutritionists. Amelia also provides a bespoke meal delivery service (London only) for all Metabolic BalanceВ® phases using a great team of chefs.
Thousands of people have transformed their health and achieved their ideal weight with the Metabolic BalanceВ® programme.

You will continue to follow the basic rules of Metabolic BalanceВ® to maintain a healthy functioning metabolism. No yo-yo effect as experienced with many other diets, once your metabolism has been reprogrammed, long term weight loss may be maintained by following some basic rules. Metabolic Balance is a 100% all natural programme, using every day foods found in your local supermarket!

We strictly follow their principles and guidelines and are currently the only registered caterers for metabolic balanceВ® in and around London.

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