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Although mesquite beans and flour were an important food for many Native American tribes, they had been been largely forgotten since the late 19th century.
The long seed pods may be harvested when green (some varieties are also streaked with red) and cooked into a sweet syrup for pancakes, while the dry, tan-colored pods (listen for a rattle when shaken) may be ground into a delicious, gluten-free flour. The original, first-printing hardcover, internal spiral-bound cookbook was created in collaboration with sister grassroots group Downtown Harvesters, and inspired by the long lines of enthusiastic eaters at the Desert Harvesters’ annual Mesquite Milling Fiesta and Pancake Breakfast in Tucson, Arizona, who beg every year for the famous pancake recipe. Also, learn from experts about the culinary and medicinal uses of Prosopis in arid lands, secrets for cooking with mesquite flour, and how you too can harvest, store, mill and enjoy mesquite pods with tasty, fun and nutritious results. Pending the new edition of Eat Mesquite!В the original edition (1st printing) can be purchased from the following locally owned supporters of local foods. To that end we had a mesquite foods tasting and celebration on June 20, 2009, in the new Mercado on West Congress.

Prior to the tasting we had a demonstration on how to harvest, store, and process mesquite pods for eating. Flour made from the ground beans is becoming more readily available, and if you live in the Southwest, where mesquite trees grow, you can harvest your own beans now or later this year.
We are looking for cooks willing to help out and learn more about cooking with mesquite and other wild desert foods. So we put it in print, along with nearly 50 other delicious recipes in celebration of mesquite flour, an abundant and easy-to-harvest native food of the Sonoran Desert and beyond. We are also seeking volunteers willing to submit new recipes made with mesquite and other wild desert foods. Culled from over 150 community contributions, these favorites will have you eating mesquite for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and more!

We gathered recipes from home and restaurant chefs who were led to mesquite through their devotion to eating locally, their passion for upholding regional food traditions, and their commitment to healthy eating.
In it we will feature recipes made from many wild ingredients in addition to mesquite, double the size of the book, and improve the quality control of each recipe with a more rigorous reviewing process.To make our vision into a reality we need your help, see below how you can get involved.

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