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There are also package deals ready to order on the website such as “on the go favorites” that provides 140 servings for $375.If you have questions or concerns, you can speak with a Medifast diet coach. Going on a diet is easy when you’re drinking a shake every day!CondimentsCondiments, sauces, syrups, and salad dressings can contain a surprising amount of calories and fat. Medifast provides a helpful guideline for all herbs, spices, condiments, and dairy supplements with suggested serving sizes. Clients choose from a list of approved vegetables and proteins to create Lean and Green meals.Success StoriesThe official Medifast website features lots of success stories, with the disclaimer that the average client will lose 2-5 pounds each week during the first two weeks and 1-2 pounds each week thereafter.

You can view 4 clinical studies on the website showing that Medifast is safe and effective.Men and women who have experienced positive results after following a Medifast diet plan say that following the plan was easy and healthy.
You can also join their email list to get free advice.Conclusion Compared to going it alone or following other diets, Medifast is proven to work, is easy to follow, and teaches you helpful skills that will last a lifetime. For men and women who don’t want to cook all their meals and enjoy following guidelines, Medifast is a great, doctor-approved way to lose weight. No matter which diet plan you pick, Medifast is your starting block towards a new, healthier you.

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