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In a move to help people buy and use safe herbal medicines that meet acceptable standards of safety and quality, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has announced that from 30 April 2014, all manufactured herbal medicines will have to be authorised in order to be sold and supplied lawfully in the UK.
This means that after this date herbal retailers will no longer be able to sell unlicensed herbal medicines that are not registered under the Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) scheme in the UK. Products registered under the THR scheme meet safety and quality standards and are accompanied by patient information about the product and how it should be used.
The requirements for the THR scheme are set out in the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) which was introduced in 2004 and came into effect on 30 April 2011. For those herbal medicines that were on the UK market before April 2011, the MHRA allowed retailers to “sell through” their stock because it was anticipated that they would be sold within an 18-24 month period – the average shelf-life of these products. However, these unlicensed herbal medicines are still being sold and in July 2013, the MHRA launched a consultation to seek views about ending the sell-through period. We can add that we have been involved with Herbal medicines for the last 10 years multi-nationally for clients and can help with all of their safety and medical information requirements. Footware from Shear Comfort wrap the feet in wool to relieve sore feet from pressure discomfort, easy to put on and take off with velcro fastenings.
Shear ComfortВ sheepskin is specially chosen for thickness and high density, and has been proven to reduce pressure under the heels by 54% (MHRA, 2004).

Shear Comfort provide a range of sheepskin overlays for matresses and chairs to relieve pressure and discomfort for those who lie or sit most of the time.
High pressure on the skin can cause discomfort in bed, and be a contributing factor to the development of pressure ulcers. Not only do bed overlays reduce pressure, but they also create a healthy microclimate which helps the skin to breathe and stay dry, helping you stay comfortable throughout the night.
Other individuals who experience joint problems can be helped by the insulating effect of sheepskin which keeps the joints warm and well-supported. Sheepskin overlay can help to relieve discomfort and pressure ulcers caused by low body fat, restricted mobility or prolonged time in bed.
Shear Comfort can help with discomfort that is caused by high pressure between the skin and a mattress or seat, whether it is just causing discomfort or more serious problems such as pressure ulcers. Unlike air or foam-based cushions and mattress toppers, Shear Comfort is comfortable against the skin and maintains airflow, preventing the sweating reaction that can be triggered by synthetic materials. And that’s where we come in – our THR scheme can help assure you that these products meet these standards. This transitional protection also allowed manufacturers to bring their production up to the required standards to meet the directive.

The responses have now been considered and 30 April 2014 is the deadline for retailers to stop selling these products. Most of the Shear ComfortВ footwear range wraps around the foot using VelcroВ fastenings, so the boots can be easily put on and removed without creating friction against the skin.
Anybody can be affected by this, particularly if they are recuperating from illness or injury and are less mobile. This is achieved by the superior pressure-redistribution properties of medical sheepskin, which has been proven to reduce peak pressure points by 41% (MHRA, 2004) under the pelvis, providing welcome relief. Take some of the weight off with Shear ComfortВ footwear, and give sore feet a welcome break.

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