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Lesions do not develop, for instance, on the upper back, where no one but a yogi could reach them.
Lichen planus (LP) manifests with purplish or brownish bumps, covered in fine whitish scales. If your daughter has been diagnosed with vulvar lichen sclerosus or you suspect she may have it, ours is the center for you. Lichen sclerosus is fairly easy to diagnose by clinicians familiar with the disease and good treatment is available. The most common things that girls with lichen sclerosus feel are vulvar itching and soreness.
Some girls with lichen sclerosus will have a discharge that is noticed on their underpants.
Since there are other causes of these symptoms besides lichen sclerosus, it is important that a knowledgeable health care professional perform a careful physical examination.
Examining the vulva of young girl with suspected lichen sclerosus is crucial for making the diagnosis and for following her response to treatment.
An experienced clinician can usually make the diagnosis of lichen sclerosus by examination alone. A skin biopsy is usually not needed to diagnose lichen sclerosus since the condition has a typical look. Blood tests are not needed to make the diagnosis of lichen sclerosus, but may be rarely suggested to look for other associated diseases related to lichen sclerosus. When a young girl has soreness of her vulva with bruising and scarring, it is natural for any parent and health care provider to be concerned about sexual abuse.
It is also important to realize that lichen sclerosus and sexual abuse can both occur in the same girl. The most effective treatment for lichen sclerosus in young girls is the topical application of one of the prescription steroid creams.
The medication is typically applied twice a day for 6-12 weeks; then, based on how the girl is doing, the medication is reduced to a few times a week.
In addition to using medicines for lichen sclerosus, good vulvar hygiene is important to keeping your daughter comfortable. Parents may have concerns about how lichen sclerosus will affect their daughter's sexual functioning later in life.
As a girl with lichen sclerosus goes through adolescence, it is natural for her to have concerns about how her skin disease will affect her ability to have sexual pleasure, have sexual intercourse, and reproduce. They are generally dry, rough, thickened, or hardened clusters of skin bumps or plaques, and rather than showing the fiery-red inflammation of psoriasis, eczema, and other forms of dermatitis, these tend more toward brown, purplish, or grayish hues. It is a condition with a huge stress component, and one where the scratching itself is largely responsible for the condition.

The lichenified plaques that seemed so rooted in the skin start to dissipate over several months, and will be gone without a trace once the treatment is complete. Trager provides expert care for patients with vulvar lichen sclerosus from childhood through the young adult years. Sometimes lichen sclerosus does run in families but there is no predictable way that it gets passed on.
Some girls with lichen sclerosus also have an autoimmune disease like vitiligo (white patches on the skin), thyroid disease, alopecia areata (spots of hair loss on the scalp), or a rheumatologic disease (arthritis, rashes).
A careful history and physical examination by an experienced clinician may differentiate between findings of lichen sclerosis and sexual abuse.
It can be frustrating to be asked these questions, especially since many girls with lichen sclerosus have seen more than one doctor about their symptoms before the disease is diagnosed and these questions may get asked on more than one occasion. The goal is to use the least amount of medicine necessary to keep the disease under control. Side effects are uncommon and will be checked for by your daughter's clinician with regular follow-up.
However, skin that is scarred by lichen sclerosus in adulthood may be more likely to develop a particular skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. Since treatment is so effective, young girls with lichen sclerosus who do not have significant scarring can be expected to have normal sexual functioning. Girls with lichen sclerosus may need a great deal of emotional support and encouragement to deal with their disease. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice and treatment of your child's health care professional. It is intended only as a general guide for patients and families and neither creates or constitutes a doctor-patient relationship nor gives specific medical advice.
The lichen may remain localized to a single spot, or spread to a few other areas that are easily reached and scratched.
Lastly, lichen simplex lesions tend to develop on one side, according to whether the patient is right or left-handed.
Anything thick and plaque-like needs to be broken up by these herbs, which are also used for accumulations such as certain masses and fibroids. The best way to keep lichen sclerosus under control is to learn about the disease and to work with a health care provider experienced in managing it.
This examination is quite different than the adult examination and is tailored specifically for a child.
For younger girls, bring along a favorite stuffed animal or another object for her to hold. Non-steroid topical medications are being studied for the treatment of lichen sclerosus and may hold promise as a way of treating lichen sclerosus without the potential side effects of topical steroids.

Because it is not known whether or not young girls with lichen sclerosus have an increased risk of developing vulvar squamous cell carcinoma later in life, it makes sense that all girls with lichen sclerosus be monitored for life by an experienced clinician. If a young girl has or develops significant scarring, it is possible for her to have reduced sensation and sexual pleasure later on. Parents should realize that these are only general guidelines and a correct course of treatment chosen for your daughter may differ from what is described here.
The information on this website is not a substitute for the advice and treatment of a health care professional. For this reason, aside from the herbal treatment, it is extremely important for the patient to become conscious of how quickly their hand goes for the lesions, even when they are mildly itchy, and to cover up the spots for harder access.
Lichen sclerosus in young girls mainly involves the skin of the vulva (the area surrounding the opening of the vagina) but may occasionally involve the anus as well. Older girls can place their feet in the footrests used for the adult gynecologic examination since this may allow the examiner to better visualize the vulva and the area around the anus in the older girl. An important goal of taking care of lichen sclerosus is to make the diagnosis early, before scarring has occurred, and to treat promptly to help prevent scarring. A very small sample of skin (about an eighth of an inch or less) is removed and sent to the laboratory for examination. However, if one of your daughters has lichen sclerosus, it's a good idea to have all of your daughters examined since they may have lichen sclerosus and not know it. The correct course of treatment for any patient or for any condition described herein should be chosen in consultation with a health care professional and may differ from what is described on this website. These are very powerful medicines for intractable itch when plant medicines alone are insufficient. While you may have never heard of lichen sclerosus, it is actually a commonly diagnosed skin condition of the vulva in young girls. Constipation from lichen sclerosus may be mistaken for a gastrointestinal problem or a behavioral problem. This is not superstition or witchcraft – science has shown that many animals, and often their skins, secretions, or venom, contain powerful and complex medicinal compounds. The external wash, or sitz bath, can bring about a faster improvement, and the patient is encouraged to continue and to not give up prematurely, as lichen sclerosus is stubborn, but well worth treating.
Because lichen sclerosus involves the genital area, it can be both physically and emotionally distressing. Liver congestion is the main cause of lichen sclerosus, which is in turn caused by persistent emotional stress such as anxiety, conflict, depression, or overwork.

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