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The odor of those on the non-meat diet was consistently rated as more attractive, even when the groups switched diets and were tested again a month later.
So far, there's no medical explanation for why this occurs, although the popular theory is that undigested toxins in the meat get secreted through the pores of the skin. The authors of the article state that excessive sorbitol consumption can result in a loss of up to 20 percent of your total body weight, making it an ideal target for the next fad diet.

Red meat is full of muscle-building protein, meaning that when combined with exercise, eating meat gives you a totally ripped body that the ladies won't be able to resist.
In a 2006 study, 17 men were put onto a two-week diet -- one group consumed red meat, while the other did not.
That either generates the meaty stink directly, or the odor is caused by bacteria that subsequently gather on the skin to feed on the secreted toxins.

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