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Catered Fit’s nutritionists and trainers designed the plan forhungrier and more active people. The Pescatarian &Vegetarian meal plans each include breakfast, lunch and dinner and we alsooffer a Paleo version of each of these aforementioned plans for those thatwant to exclude starch and grain as well. The SMARTMeal Plan provides all the nourishments and energy required for your bodyto be fueled properly through the day and into the evening. Catered Fit was established with a vision of offering individuals multiple, customizable meal programs designed to help them accomplish their specific goals.

Catered fit is now thelargest healthy meal delivery company in Florida with over 1,400members and now currently serve over 25,000 plates a week!
These mealsare perfectly proportioned, well balanced meals that taste great and willmaintain your healthy weight. Their ultimate goal is to provide their members with perfectly proportioned, gourmet meals that are cooked fresh and delivered daily at an affordable price.
This plan can also help you lose weight,just not as effectively as the Paleo Meal plan does.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a hard working salesman or just a person that needs the structure of healthy catered meals this is the company for you.

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