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Whether you are craving that rock hard body, wanting to increase lean muscle or lose weight, our professionally prepared meals will be directly tailored to suit you! Food and exercise go hand-in–hand, our meal plans will supply you with the strength and energy to allow you to amp up your fitness regime and really get the most out of life. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not cocky, but we are confident that you won’t find better meals, plans or value elsewhere. Healthy Meals to Your Door was founded by nutritionist, cook, foodie and busy mum, Lisa Cutforth.

To bring Healthy Meals to Your Door into life, Lisa worked closely with a nutritionist chef to create several 4 week rotational meal plans and recipes that were tasty, healthy, fresh, nutritionally balanced and that could serve different people’s needs and preferences. The kitchen, based in Brisbane, is run by a nutritionist and chef and feeds over 2000 people a day. We deliver the freshest fruit and vegetables straight from the markets in Brisbane to your door at the best price possible.
Packed full of flavour, there is no need to add unnecessary calories with extra sauces or dressings, 5.4 is taking healthy eating plans to the next level.

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