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The thing is, the time and effort you put into planning yields huge pay-offs; saving money, eating healthfully, feeling relaxed (instead of crazed) are just a few that come to mind. Follow the Say Mmm blog or on Twitter or Facebook for planning tips, recipe ideas, and more. One of the most critical pieces of advice I can offer when starting a meal-planning system of your own is to say that when making a menu plan, make sure that the food is something that will appeal to your family. The first dish is the beef tips, and the second you would use the leftovers for a second meal of beef and cheese wraps. While being motivated certainly helps, personalizing your system and making meal planning into a habit is what will ultimately keep you going (thank you, Jim Rohn).

Having each member jot down a list of their favorite dishes will help gives you ideas as you plan the meals for the week, and it will ensure plenty of happy faces around the table.
I am trying to get better about planning and time management and meal planning has been a great way to start. I intentionally start my menu planning process mid-week, three days before my Saturday shopping trip (more on that in a minute), so family members can add any additional items that we run out of before shopping time to the list gradually throughout the week.
I like keeping the menus all in one place so that I can use them for reference when planning future menus. Of course if you only wanted to make the beef tips for a single meal and not save yourself a boatload of time for dinner later in the week, you could certainly use less meat and one package of gravy mix.

Always have staples on hand to prepare super-easy meals to use as a back-up when sticking with the menu plan just isn’t feasible.

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