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First step, has been creating a weekly meal plan to take the guess out of cooking and shopping for the week. This week’s goal was to plan three meals + a snack totaling 1500 calories or less per day. I just subscribed and there are 14 adorable menu styles to choose from when you make your custom planner!В  You can print it out, laminate it and use it over and over with a dry erase marker! One of my readers had an awesome idea to laminate the menuВ  and use a dry erase marker to create your weekly plan so you reuse it for the entire month without wasting paper and toner.

For more inspiration, check out three years worth of my weekly meal plan ideas I have shared here on Crystal & Co. Obviously with all the eating out, that has not been the healthiest alternative so it was important for that I kept that in mind when planning out this week’s meals. Trust me you will be surprised how many delicious yet healthy meals you can create that fits within this goal. It was also important that we try to get back to eating three meals a day because we too often skip breakfast or lunch and just snack all day which just makes you feel sluggish and non-energized.

I typically do weekly grocery shopping to minimalize from food spoiling and because I prefer to shop for local produce at the farmer’s market, but you can easily meal plan weeks in advance if that fits your schedule best.

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