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3) Using the two pockets (made from 16 count crayon boxes,) I can store all of my meal cards right on the board.
I shared my finished board on Pinterest and was surprised at how many sweet ladies sent me a note to say they couldn’t wait to make their own and start using it. I hope this menu board and the tips on planning with themes will make time in the kitchen a little more pleasant and much more efficient for my fellow creative mamas.
I am just beginning to meal plan in a similar way, and I really appreciate the board to bring it all together. I have talked about meal planning many times and share my meal plan each Monday, so you know I think this is one of the most important things you can do to save time, money and stress in your home life!
The Project Girl has a weekly meal planner that also includes space for noting grocery items needed.
At Organized home you can find a weekly menu planner for all three meals plus grocery list. Mayi Carles at Heartmade blog has an adorable girl chef planner that she has illustrated herself. Better Homes and Gardens has a great resource for a project to make a colourful magnetic meal planning calendar system. All things beautiful is inspiring me to be crafty – I love this fabric and binder clip menu planning board!

Inspired by All things beautiful, Oh So Chichi made an awesome version that included breaking it down into fast, favourites and new recipes to try – it would be like taking my recipe binder system and putting it on a board!
After admiring several different menu boards on Pinterest, I decided to take what I loved about each one (i.e. However, I want to share what I think will be even more valuablel—not what I serve, but how I go about planning it. I suggest brainstorming and writing down all the meals you regularly serve (or even keep track for a month as you go.) Then, look at your list and see what types of themes are already represented. For example, a crock pot meal is perfect for my family on Sundays because I can start it before we leave for church, and we get to come home (starving) to something good to eat. I have meal planned for a really long time now, but this is such an attractive way to have it! Getting home from the grocery shopping only to find that because my shopping list and menu plan are on the same piece of paper it is now ticked, scrawled upon and rather un readable!
But once you have this clever В system in place you could plan as far in advance as is convenient for your family.
For those of you who are crafty I have linked up a few Menu Board ideas if you want to have a bit of fun with it.
You know the dreaded menu planning routine– flipping through cookbooks and recipe cards, penciling a few ideas on the back of a phone bill, and frantically glancing at your calendar hoping to avoid planning a meal that you won’t have the time to cook.

After we have a particular meal, I place its card into the upper box until we go through the majority of the cards. To keep me having to stick to that salad on that day I am having a few on the board, which I will have all the ingredients for, and then chose for the day which particular salad I have.
First 3 columns, are morning, afternoon, evening activities, 4th column is meal planning and 5th is birthdays. Assigning a different theme to each day of the week helpfully narrows your focus as you plan.
A different color of cardstock for each theme’s meal cards makes choosing meals for the week even easier. It is an investment that will eliminate hours of busy work and stress once you get your themes and meals into place.

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