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No, we’re not talking about the loved ones that will be attending your family reunion- we’re talking about Pie Irons!
At our family reunions, we like to make fruit pies in the evening while we are sitting around the campfire visiting, singing or playing games. Towards the end of the meal you can announce “Rainbow Mixup” and everyone has to switch places. If  you are on the food committee for your family reunion don’t let those with allergies feel like a burden or annoyance. So thanks to my Mom’s organization and creative thinking, the Wells family had S’mores at our family reunion. Just like any other chocolate-dipped strawberries, the method for making these is very easy. Now that you have chosen your family reunion theme and planned your games and activities you’ve got to figure out a way to feed all the hungry people that will show up at your reunion.  For many folks the most important part of the family reunion is the – FOOD! Family Reunion IdeasOn a reunion roll, members of the Hadaller family enjoy a hayride, one of several activities shared by the 500-plus attendees at the Washington state gathering.
Family Reunion IdeasPulling together a five-year family reunion was a labor of love for Beth Brunson of Ellensburg, Washington. Family Reunion IdeasBonded by a farming heritage is how Lisa Crawford, Hickory, North Carolina, describes her family, shown by beloved tractors at a recent reunion in Hays, Kansas.
Family Reunion IdeasHer family members are clad in custom T-shirts created just for the reunion, relates Mary Mahoney of St. Family Reunion IdeasSeasoned Turkey Sandwiches earn a prime spot on the family reunion buffet table. Readers report their family reunion gatherings have taken place at campgrounds, fairgrounds, national parks, halls, school campuses and, of course, the family farm. Photo: Pershing family reunion, Idlewild Park, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, 8 September 1923. 1) Cooking contests: This is always a family favorite, whether you challenge family with a chili cook-off or an old-fashioned pie eating contest. 2) Family diary and letter reading: Take turns reading inspirational (or juicy) passages of old family diaries and letters.
3) Family bingo: Instead of numbers, make up cards identifying ancestors or historical facts. 7) Family trivial pursuit: Everyone submits unusual or unknown facts about themselves that are read aloud without identifying the family member.

8) Fashion shows and hat parades: Supply hats and clothing from historical periods for children to play dress-up.
10) Gencaching: This is a type of hide-and-go-seek treasure hunting, and similar to geocaching, whereby items are hidden and family members hunt for them. 11) Greeting cards: Have family members sign greeting cards for those who could not attend because of scheduling conflicts, financial limits, health reasons or otherwise.
12) Jigsaw puzzles: Turn family photos into jigsaw puzzles or create one out of a large-format family tree chart. 14) Memory quilts: Have handicraft-inclined family members piece together autographed quilt squares into souvenir pillows and blankets. 17) Photo identification (ancestors and living family): Take a historical photo and do a guessing game as to the person, time or place. 19) Ancestor picture trading cards: Search the Web for sites to make ancestor trading and playing cards. 24) Sing-alongs: Combine traditional and family favorites into a songfest that includes hymns and patriotic music. 25) Display old family slide shows: Display slide shows to run in the background for inside gatherings.
26) Design t-shirts: Design a t-shirt prior to the event, or use markers to create them during the reunion. 28) Family history time capsules: Create time capsules with written family stories, photos and artifacts, along with memories from the current event (for example, the schedule of events). 29) Videotape your family reunion: Take videos of family activities and request that relatives state their names and relationship to others.
Be sure to share activities, games and ideas from your past family reunions in the comments section below. This entry was tagged Family history, Family Research, Family Reunions, Genealogy, Reunions by Mary Harrell-Sesniak. Our family reunions wouldn’t be complete without a delicious raspberry pie cooked over the campfire and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Hold it over your campfire for a few minutes on each side and you’ll soon be eating a grilled cheese sandwich or a scrumptious apple pie.
About ten years ago, at a family reunion, cousin Mindy suggested that we sprinkle our freshly baked pies with sugar and cinnamon when we dump it out of the pie iron.
Let them know that you are want them to be safe and enjoy the reunion food just like everyone else.

As the Aunt to several children with food allergies, I try to be a meticulous label- reader and remove all nut- containing foods when I’m in charge of the food at a family reunion or party but honestly, I’m never going to be as good at identifying problem foods as Lisa or her children. It is also makes for a delicious meal where individual tastes and special diets can be accommodated. They sell tortillas warmers in kitchen supply stores that are great for keeping tortillas warm.
A barnyardful of people say "cheese" at the Hadaller family reunion in Silvercreek, Washington. Consider these ideas from Country Woman magazine readers on sharing food, fun and memories at family reunions. In this guest blog post, Mary presents 30 ideas to help make your family reunion a great success and ensure that everyone has a fun and memorable time. With a pie iron, you can cook anything from a simple grilled-cheese and ham sandwich to a delicious berry pie for dessert. Whisk the egg yolks, water and lemon juice; gradually add to flour mixture, tossing with a fork until dough forms a ball.
Everyone puts on their potato or tortilla their favorite toppings while leaving the things they don’t like for someone else. For a taco bar try using a variety of tortillas and shells- corn, flour, crispy or home-style. Provide ice cream, chocolate, caramel and strawberry toppings and ask family members to bring their favorite ice cream toppings- sprinkles, chopped nuts, maraschino cherries, chopped fruit etc. You can also wrap the tortillas in foil and place in a preheated 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes. The child gets a point if they fooled the guesser, and the adult guesser gets a point for a correct answer. If someone hits their hometown a bullseye is awarded, with lesser points awarded for being within range. Aunt Lynn doesn’t think she’s had breakfast unless she has had a piece of toast so we’ve even used our pie irons for toast. Have participation prizes for the children and a separate grand prize for the adult with the highest score.

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