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From a quick hummus to a moreish baba ganoush, turn to Turkish, Lebanese and Greek influences for our easy mezze recipes. Our favourite recipes for simple and sophisticated starters that are quick and easy to prepare. Indian dinner parties are trendy party idea full of exotic flavors full of a spicy kick to impress guests. If you’re looking to get out of your usual routine when hosting a dinner party at home, an Indian theme is a unique theme that has plenty of amazing recipes you can have on your dinner table. Your kids may not be excited to go back to school, but at least they will look forward to lunchtime with these fun ideas. See how Dawn Sandomeno and Elizabeth Mascali elevate the every day with their fantastic recipes and ideas!
A classic menu of lasagna and caesar salad (and red wine and bread, of course) makes a casual, easy and cozy fall dinner party idea for friends or family.

Using cardamom, allspice, and turmeric, our recipe is for this popular coastal Indian dish that’ll start off your Indian dinner party right.
Give your dinner party guests a little surprise when they bite into these amazing Indian spiced meatballs featured on One Hungry Mama. Because of it’s universally loved appeal, it is a must-have at your Indian dinner party. Our peach Serrano pepper chutney offers a nice blend of sweet and spicy that you can add to your dinner table. This recipe here makes it easy to recreate this simple yet rich treat to include in your Indian dinner party.
At an Indian dinner party, make a pot of this delicious chai recipe to wind down the evening with your party guests.
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This recipe upgrades your traditional meatball recipe for a spicy dish that can be served as an appetizer. Try out this delicious recipe from Can’t Live Without for a tasty way to serve this traditional dish. Make this recipe for chai and combine it with the halwa dessert recipe for a delicious combination to end the night with. Follow our Indian dinner party menu suggestions and plan a fun evening with your loved ones.

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