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9 Benefits of Matcha Green Tea: weight loss, alzheimers prevention, blood sugar regulation and more! Disclaimer: This review is not scientific by any means and is based on my personal reviews.
So yes, I do have a bit of expertise on matcha green tea since I have been drinking it almost every day for a little over a year now.
How I reviewed: I opened fresh packages, assessed the color by eye, then spread out a sheet of samples. Bottom line review: I tried the latte variety first and was not expecting much from a "latte grade" but this was off the charts impressive for the price of this matcha.
Info: DoMatcha may look familiar to you if you shop at Whole Foods, because it seems to be one of their main matcha brands they carry.
Bottom line review: Love this brand, the matcha is not the best I have ever tried, but very high quality and the brand seems highly dependable. Info: This premium tea store has a variety of matchas and carries the first ceremonial matcha I ever tried.
Bottom line review: High quality matcha, if you are a Mercola online store shopper or Mercola fan, give this one a try. Info: Pure Matcha is a fun brand because they offer high quality organic matcha but they also have a black tea powder and a red tea powder. Info: Doctor King calls its matcha the "finest organic ceremonial matcha" and lists a variety of health claims in their marketing. Bottom line review: I love this brand and I know for a act that their other teas are impressive - I have tried a few loose tea blends - but this matcha just doesn't measure up. Bottom line review: This is such a great ceremonial matcha, however it does not appear from the labeling or website to be organic, which is a huge bummer and deal-breaker for me purchasing it again. Bottom line review: This is cooking matcha for sure, I would never advise drinking this specific variety.
Bottom line review: I find it a bit misleading that the website does not clearly state that this matcha is from China. Not a sponsored post: I purchased every single matcha in my survey (no freebies!) so you know I have nothing to gain in calling one brand better than another.
I bought my first tin of matcha at the American Tea Room in Beverly Hills for about fifty bucks (big splurge on tea!!) after the salesman gave me a very long, very passionate spheel about how amazing it is. I rarely make matcha in the traditional sense, which is by very lightly (almost) boiling water, then using a matcha whisk to dissolve the matcha into the water.
With the Fukushima radiation disaster, many green tea lovers became worried if green tea production would be effected.
I love both the expensive organic variety as well as the less expensive variety (Harayama matcha I think).. Not as spring green as the two matchas above (in direct comparison) but very deep dark green with much lightness.

If you really want to try amazing matcha without any risk of poor quality, give this brand a try. Normally you think the quality will greatly suffer with a culinary blend, but this brand really stands up. I'm glad they tried to reach out to matcha fans, but maybe they should find a new supplier and up the price if need be to ensure quality. I clearly bought a lower grade matcha from Tealux, as their website calls this cooking matcha, so I would be excited to try their ceremonial variety, as I am guessing it will far exceed the one I tested here.
I was all ready to RAVE about the color and flavor of this matcha but then noticed that it is not organic. Buy reviewing a wide selection of brands, surveying them based on color, price, taste and packaging. Well I will admit I have never been to Japan (where most matcha comes from) and I could not describe to you all the intricate details about the production process, history and more.
Among other things, he said it had a Zen-inducing effect that not only energizes you in a non-jittery way, but calms you to a sort of Zenned out feeling that only amazing matcha green tea can provide.
Well, to be honest, I do not think anyone has a 100% answer on this issue, but you can research on many green tea producer sites and read their explanations for how everything is indeed ok.
This is my go-to matcha when I need to buy one in-store on a grocery shopping trip because I know Whole Foods will always carry it!
Note: when you order a matcha latte at Urth, you by default get the less expensive blend, but you can ask to upgrade to the higher quality variety for an added cost. They offer a ceremonial matcha (reviewed) as well as a premium blend which is even more expensive at about $50 for 30g, so I imagine it is amazing. This matcha had really great color, but the flavor was not matching the color, which was odd.
The Tealux brand is obviously an authority on tea, so I am anxious to try the higher quality version. At this price I can find an organic brand, although if you are not concerned about organic, this is a lovely matcha. I do provide links to amazon available products from my review, and I do get a tiny percentage of any purchases from those brands.
And I will give my own tips and tricks for enjoying matcha green tea as a part of your healthy, Zenergized lifestyle. It contains about half the caffeine (or a bit less) as standard coffee, though the normal caffeine jitters you may experience with coffee have never effected me with matcha - even after a giant tablespoon-ful scoop into a smoothie! Organic does not equal high quality, even though organic matcha will be more expensive than a similar non-organic counterpart. Culinary is a lesser quality, meaning it may have a more bitter and muddy flavor and less bright green color.
I am certain he has slapped his label on a high quality matcha supplier, but he found a good one!

The most important point of fridge storage is to make sure condensation doesn't seep into your matcha (moisture!) or that smells from your fridge are allowed to seep into the matcha .. If you run a matcha brand and would like to be included in this post, please leave a comment so we can get in touch. If matcha has been sitting in a storage warehouse for too long or very freshly shipped it may vary in quality once opened.
I hope you enjoy learning more!9 Health Benefits of Matcha Green TeaFirst there were pomegranates.
So if you have not tried high quality matcha and think you "don't like matcha" -- just find a way to try a high quality variety and then make your true assessment.
If $30 for "tea" is out of your budget, think of matcha as a splurge item and buy it once in a while.
Nothing is worse than buying a tin of "bad" matcha to save a few bucks, then hating it altogether.
So while I agree it is a scary issue to talk about and analyze, right now, I personally have not seen anything to deter me from Japan-origin matcha.
And it may even help ward off bad breath!Liver health: Green tea prevented liver damage in rats who were kept drunk on alcohol for 4 straight weeks. Before you quit your job and commit the rest of your life solely to drinking green tea and going pee, check this out:One cup of matcha green tea is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea in terms of antioxidant content. Epigallocatechin gallate (say that five times fast) is a polyphenol antioxidant found in green tea. Commonly referred to as EGCG, this is what’s considered to be responsible for nearly all the health benefits of green tea, including those listed above.
I hope you’re wearing your party hat, because I’m about to give you cause to celebrate…A study in the Journal of Chromatography found that matcha had 137 times more available anti-cancer EGCG than China Green Tips green tea. For this reason, it may be wise to drink your matcha away from meals (which is better for digestion anyway).Avoid commercial matcha green tea concoctions, as they are low in matcha but extremely high in calories and sugar (not to mention often mixed with dairy, thus negating their health benefits!). Peet’s Coffee has a 16 ounce matcha green tea freddo, which delivers 250 calories and 44 grams of sugar – and that’s without the whipped cream. Even worse, a 16 ounce sweetened matcha green tea latte from Starbucks has 350 calories and 55 grams of sugar! I was so happy to hear the latest info regarding the effects of drinking Matcha or Sencha green tea with cow’s milk. After many studies on this subject were done, scientists found that Catechins are just released more slowly when consumed with milk protein and actually extend the effects of the green tea antioxidant activities.
As a result, the effect of catechin lasted from 4 to 8 hrs after the green tea was consumed with milk proteins, while the effect lasted only 4 hrs after green tea alone was consumed.

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