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Although the Master Cleanse is often referred to as a fast, it’s not really a complete fast, in that up to 1,300 calories are consumed each day in the form of sugars from the ingredients in the beverage that Master Cleansers prepare and drink. The Master Cleanse was originally developed in 1940 as a stomach ulcer cure by alternative health practitioner Stanley Burroughs (1903-1991).
Among the celebrities who have been reported to have used the diet are Beyonce Knowles, who lost 20 pounds in two weeks for her role in the movie Dreamgirls, and Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers, who was quoted in People magazine that she heard about it from magician David Blaine and used it on three occasions while reducing her weight to 145 pounds from 218 pounds.
As an example, if you normally eat 2,150 calories, and you choose the extreme 650-calorie version of the Master Cleanse, you will have a 1,500-calorie deficit, losing three pounds of fat per week (and perhaps some water weight also).
Most medical authorities don’t believe that a few days of fasting will harm you (and the Master Cleanse is more of a low-calorie, nutrient deficient diet than a fast).
Most people today, deep down, are interested in the Master Cleanse primarily for its get-skinny-quick aspect, although they rarely admit it. Master Cleanse kits are available from Peter Glickman, Coombs, Neera, and Maple Valley Syrup.
The laxative herb tea and the salt water are the one-two punch that will keep your colon in full-time Old Faithful mode during the diet, cleansing it clean as a whistle.
To begin the diet you need to choose the minimum number of days that you are going to attempt, steel yourself for what is to come, and follow the following daily routine.
Purchase lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, laxative herbal tea, and sea salt in sufficient quantities to last the duration of your cleanse. The night before beginning the diet, drink some laxative herbal tea, and retire for the evening. Burroughs outlines a gentle approach for coming off the diet without upsetting your digestive system excessively.
Day 4 and beyond: You may return to your normal diet, but Burroughs recommends continuing to drink the lemonade concoction at breakfast on a permanent basis. There are other cleanses out there, and many dieters spend time looking into the Master Cleanse vs. Burroughs also writes of his 10- to 30-day treatment for dropsy (edema), which involves going on the Master Cleanse, and then being buried in 100-pounds of coarse rock salt purchased from a feed store, followed by steam baths. I did the Master Cleanser in 1978, 1979, 1981, & last time in 1982 The last time I did it for 27 days and I felt better from doing it.
I’ve begun my Cleanse regimen this morning with a cup of laxative tea followed by first 10oz glass of the lemon drink. Hi my name is Taylor and I have a few questions for people who have done the cleanse in the past. The Master Cleanse Diet, unlike many fad diets of today, has survived the test of time for over 60 years.
The accumulation of toxic build-up is inevitable, especially in today's world of fast food, prescription drugs, pollution, chemicals, fertilizers, food additives and hormones, which we ingest in some form on a daily basis.
Hundreds of thousands of people use the Lemonade Diet every year and discover it's remarkable health benefits. Beyonce Knowles followed the Master Cleanse for her role in the hit movie, "Dreamgirls" in which she portrayed her younger, more slender self.
I had been hearing about this Shakeology 3-Day cleanse for the past few months and decided to finally try it last week.

I like to call the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse a “performance cleanse.” This is because it was designed to be done with a workout program.
Another reason why we don’t always lose weight on cleanses is due to a stress hormone called cortisol. It has also been called the Master Cleanser Diet after the original book that described it, the Lemonade Diet, the Maple Syrup Diet, and the Cayenne Pepper Diet after some of the ingredients used, and the Beyoncé Diet after its most famous fan.
Burroughs promoted a number of alternative practices beyond the Master Cleanse, including light therapy, deep massage, and reflexology, and he was a practicing nudist and vegetarian. Actor Jared Leto used the Master Cleanse to lose the 60 or so pounds that he had gained for his role as John Lennon’s killer Mark David Chapman. All ingredients for the recipes are included, except for fresh lemons, which must be sourced locally, although some Master Cleansers bend the rules and use Lakewood 100% Organic bottled pure lemon juice. Peter Glickman’s book, as well as this popular internet based book by Raylen Sterling, deal with some of these modifications to the Master Cleanse orthodoxy.
Although Burroughs recommends that you become a practicing raw foodist vegetarian after the diet to avoid recontamination with toxic dead animal flesh, he does provide an alternative transition plan for omnivores. Mother’s milk is best, but when not available Burroughs recommended feeding babies freshly prepared coconut milk, with the lemonade concoction given between coconut milk feedings, diluted a bit if the cayenne pepper upsets the baby.
I was a wood worker working with toxic redwoods and I wanted to clean out my body being I was spraying lacquer and had my hands in the thinner plus I was using Danish oil and I would get too much on my hands. I am going to substitute 1tsp agave nectar for the maple syrup starting tomorrow because I’d like to lose some weight during this cleanse.
First, I am pretty sure I’m hypoglycemic so after a few hours without food I get weak and shaky and I was wondering if the cleanse would make me get sick like that or effect my health in anyway.
Celebrities and nutrition gurus alike are raving over the immense health benefits and spectacular body transformations that this diet offers. After completing this challenging role, Jared successfully lost 62 pounds on the Master Cleanse.
After hearing about Magician David Blaine's great experience with the cleanse she decided to give it a shot.
In the past few months I have shifted from a very heavy protein diet to one that has a higher percentage of carbs.. This a cleanse that is recommend about once every quarter which works out well because I usually build 3 month training blocks. This is vital to any cleanse, because one of your goals is to bring your hydration into homeostasis.
He was convicted of practicing medicine without a license and imprisoned, and he was convicted of second degree murder, later overturned, for his role in the death of a desperate leukemia patient, whose cancer Burroughs tried to cure with the Master Cleanse and other practices. There are toxins that may be trapped in fat cells or the lungs, but this sort of diet does not help with expelling those.
He reprints without comment an endorsement from a follower who relates how he quit his medications for blood pressure, nerves, and lack of energy during his fast.
After several days many Master Cleanse dieters report entering a state of bliss that is either the result of the continuing elimination of toxins, or else a state similar to the tranquil experience that people who are starving to death have shortly before dying. I had learned that the chemicals were so cancer causing so I wanted to clean out as best as I could.

Also I am planning to stick with it for 14 days – this is my first master cleanse but I am confident I can stick with it since I have very little appetite normally. Also, I have to work through the week so I was wondering if my bowl movements would normal out after a few days or if I should alert my coworkers that I’m taking the cleanse. And, of course, the Lemonade Cleanse is most famous for being a fast, effective, and organic method of losing toxic body fat in the form of stubborn excess weight.
Steve states there is an option to add some additional fruit into the cleanse to increase the caloric intake, which I did.
When a 57 member focus group (12 men and 45 woman) did this cleanse, the average weight loss was 3.9 lbs.
The cleanse will effect everyone differently as it depends on what your starting point is.
Moses and Jesus both reportedly underwent a pre-Burroughs 40-day version of the diet, not involving lemonade or laxatives.
The Master Cleanse in the strict sense is not a fast because you drink a considerable amount of sugar-containing lemonade, about 650 to 1,300 calories worth per day, depending on the number of glasses you drink. I will mention one thing, this is a lower caloric, but nutritional dense cleanse and is not in any way starving yourself. However, on the 3rd day, I had a trip to Seattle and thought that I would need to cut the cleanse short. One male lost 11lbs and one female lost 6 lbs.В  You can definitely lose weight on this cleanse, but it is important to read the science behind it below from Steve.
If you have questions as to whether the cleanse is right for you, shoot me an email so I can understand where your starting point is. We don’t want this to occur, which is one reason the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse is short.
And an alternative version of the Master Cleanse for diabetics described in the book recommends that the diabetic phase out insulin during the diet. Traditional cleansing diets are done to rid your system of toxins and bring it into homeostasis. For those of you who need to lose weight, take heart: you are setting up your system to use nutrients more efficiently and improving your ability to lose weight through structured diet and exercise. Something interesting, after brushing my teeth in the mornings and evenings I always scrape my tong, the first couple of days it had some white build up on it almost yeasty, I guess my body was exuding toxins, it is now clean and healthy pink color as it should be. So while you may not lose much on the cleanse, you’ll be more prepared to lose weight later. Looking forward to finish the first ten days and I think I’ll take a little break with a good vegan diet and then do it again.
Coffee drinkers may find that switching to black tea during a cleanse will give you the energy you’re looking for with less upset.

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