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The lemon detox diet that Beyonce Knowles used to lose 20 pounds over the course of 14 days was none other than one of the oldest and most popular cleansing regimens around – The Master Cleanse. Most will NOT prepare for the likely obstacles that will present themselves along the way on this diet… and that could spell failure. So you can see that it does cost a little money to invest in the ingredients for The Master Cleanse but when you do the math on the Vanilla Lattes, groceries and eating out expenses you usually accumulate, you are more than likely still saving money. Nalgene Bottle – I like to use a standard Nalgene bottle that contains roughly 30 fl oz and make enough of the Master Cleanse lemonade solution to fill that. So, whether you call it the Beyonce Lemon Detox Diet or The Master Cleanse, it’s the same thing.
Hi Lee, yes, you can work out on this diet and it will actually be beneficial to help promote detoxing. If you are taking any medication for PCOS I would recommend against doing the master cleanse unless approved by your doctor. A 3-time “survivor” of the cleanse, I first tried it in January 2009 as my way of detoxing after the holidays and preparing myself for a new job.
Going on the Master Cleanse is like going undergoing an intense, 10-day bootcamp that tests your body, mind, and soul on so many levels.
The best thing about the Master Cleanse is that its ingredients are fairly easy to source, and the juice is literally as easy to make as lemonade.
If you’re going on the cleanse for the first time, you’ll find that Days 1 to 3 are the most intense; it’s best that you stay at home and make peace with your bathroom because you’ll be in it a lot. During my latest cleanse, the euphoric sensations of Days 4 to 5 were replaced by some sharp hunger pangs by Days 6 and 7.
The results of the cleanse were becoming visible by this time, and I was getting compliments for looking slimmer when it came to the face and legs (which, for me, are always the first to show signs of weight loss). I also got my period on the first week of the cleanse, but I surprisingly had zero PMS—no cravings, no menstrual cramps, no bruises on my upper arms and thighs. More importantly, going on the Master Cleanse taught me that I had become too much of an emotional eater, and that I don’t need to use food in order to respond to stress and mood swings.

The Master Cleanse, also known as the Lemonade Detox Diet, is a modified juice fast recipe created by Stanley Burroughs in the 1940′s. You need to sit down and really hammer home the reason or reasons you are doing this lemon detox cleanse diet. Many advocate going to a vegetarian diet and after feeling as good as you will after The Master Cleanse, you might pause to consider it. And if a celebrity like Beyonce Knowles is shouting out from the rooftops how well this blue collar, cheap cleanse works (including her 20 lbs of weight loss in 14 days), it’s probably worth checking out. The cleanse detoxes your liver which also makes it eliminate medication faster and so it would be less effective. Master Cleanse or the Lemonade Diet, is a 10-day cleanse that involves fasting on all solid foods and drinking only a concoction made of freshly squeezed (or fresh pressed) lemon juice, pure maple syrup (grade B), and cayenne pepper. Just as you would need to warm up and cool down before and after any rigorous exercise, the Master Cleanse program requires that you “ease in” for three days, then “ease out” for three more days after your 10th (or last) day.
Crucial to my success on all three years of cleansing was getting the support of my husband, who also agreed to eat light and consume mostly soups, veggies, and light protein during my fast. For this, I summoned everything that I had learned from years of meditation practice, to condition myself that all my cravings were just all in my mind; that having a cleaner, lighter body was worth the sacrifice. It will usually take effect 6-12 hours later, and you’ll find yourself cleansing your system early in the morning. Aside from the apparent loss of weight and inches, the cleanse did make me feel a whole lot cleaner and more balanced inside and out. My most recent Master Cleanse experience, however, has inspired me to take control of what I eat and how I prepare my food, especially now that I’m in my 30s. To me, however, the cleanse is more than just a diet fad or a weight loss tactic; it’s as spiritual, as meditative, and as physically engaging as doing yoga or preparing for a marathon.
For best results, consult with a physician before engaging in any kind of cleanse, fast, or detoxification program.
Do not mix with cayenne pepper or water until you are ready to make and drink The Master Cleanse lemonade drink.

After all, Beyonce can afford any cleanse or hollywood detox diet available but she used this inexpensive, tried and true cleanse; The Master Cleanse. You can basically multiply the recipe at the top of the article by 13 in order to get the amount for a gallon mixture. In order to succeed and finish the cleanse for 10 (or more) days, you need to prepare your body, condition your mind, and create a support system at home and at work.
Ideally, you want to take 2 to 3 days to slowly remove processed foods and meat from your diet and eat lighter foods including fruits and vegetables. Emotionally connect with those reasons and hold onto them throughout the 10 days of the cleanse. A juice fast, such as the The Master Cleanse, is abstaining from any nutrition but water and juice. Nutritionists have criticized and knocked it for it’s lack of nutrients as a proper diet.
We must remember that this is not a permanent diet and it’s main goal is not weight loss. Besides essential medications prescribed by your doctor, you want to be as completely free from ingesting anything but The Master Cleanse lemonade solution as possible.
I recommend using a salt water flush as your best natural laxative but other saline or osmostic laxatives are also safe for the short duration used for the lemonade detox diet (e.g. Weight loss will naturally follow from both restricted caloric intake as well as from the detoxification process itself but the detoxification and elimination of built up toxins in our body is what this cleanse or detox diet is all about. Just as you should have eased yourself into the cleanse, it is even more important to ease yourself out and back into your normal diet.

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