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The Master Cleanse Diet, sometimes also called the Maple Syrup Diet or The Lemonade Diet, is an old diet that has recently come back into fashion in a big way.
The Master Cleanse Diet was originally written in 1976 by Stanley Burroughs, though he had been recommending it to people since the 1940s. The diet was revived in 2004 when Burroughs devotee Peter Glickman published a book Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Be Happier in 10 Days, which outlines the steps of the Master Cleanse Diet, possible problems people might have and plenty of real-life experiences from people who have completed the diet. In an interview with LoveToKnow, Glickman refers to the two steps of the diet, the lemonade and the laxative, as the "agitator and rinse cycle" of the body's natural detoxification process. It's also important to note that you may feel sick or dizzy on the diet as your body focuses its attention on getting rid of the bad things that are in your body. He even says that you don't need to take vitamin or mineral supplements while on the plan, though many companies sell supplements marketed to be taken while on the cleanse.
Once you've done the cleanse for as long as you like, you need to be careful about returning to solid foods. Additionally, since the Master Cleanse is only intended to be used short-term, to maintain your weight loss it is important to be conscious of what you eat afterwards.
It is also vital to be careful of what you eat after the Master Cleanse since such a low-calorie diet (about 600 calories per day) will slow down your metabolism, meaning your body will want to hold on to everything you eat.
Many people use the Master Cleanse Diet to clean out their bodies three or four times a year. You should also avoid strength training during the Master Cleanse, as you are not eating enough protein to help your muscles recover.

10 day detox diet: nutritionist' review, 10-day detox diet will help you lose weight rapidly by reducing insulin levels. The blood sugar solution 10-day detox diet: activate your body's natural ability to burn fat and lose weight fast kindle edition. It was developed as a way to cleanse toxins from the body rather than a weight-loss method. Doing the cleanse also tends to clear up skin problems, since acne is thought to be the body's way of trying to purge unwanted substances.
If you're interested in reading Burroughs' original book on the Master Cleanse Diet, you can download it from Health and Light. Instead, people on the cleanse drink purified water spiked with lemon juice, organic Grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Burroughs recommends drinking between six to 12 glasses daily during the course of the cleanse. By adding the Master Cleanse's laxative tea in the evening and salt water flush in the morning, the fast is able to cleanse your body even quicker than would normally occur. This idea is incorrect - Burroughs spends a significant portion of his book talking about how the maple syrup and lemon juice provide sufficient nutrition for you to function for up to 40 days, though most people who do the Master Cleanse Diet only use it for 10 to 14 days. The cleanse can also "disrupt the normal microorganisms that perform useful digestive functions," according to Harvard Healthbeat, a publication of Harvard Medical School. If you have any kidney conditions, you should avoid this cleanse as it can be highly dehydrating.

Likewise, scores of non-famous people use the diet as a regular maintenance cleanse to purge impurities from the body.
However, most people who do the cleanse find they lose a fair amount of weight as those impurities are secreted from the body.
Burroughs recommends that people only drink orange juice the first two days off the cleanse, then eat only raw fruits and vegetables on the third day. It is important to note, however, that much of the weight lost on this cleanse is water weight and not fat. You may feel you need to take time off from work to complete the cleanse because of the effects of cleansing or just feeling run down or sick while doing it.
If you are taking any medications, this diet should also be seriously considered with your doctor. Individuals with a history of eating disorders should only use the Master Cleanse under the strict supervision of a physician.

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