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Bruce lee would eat several (3 to 5) small meals a day plus snacks, rather than several large meals.11 This was in line with the prevailing bodybuilding wisdom of the day, with the 6 meals a day diet plan.I'm generally not a big fan of the six meals a day diet, but it obviously worked well for Bruce!
While he devoted a ton of time to martial arts training and exercise, beyond a few basic ideas his wife, Linda Lee, was in charge of food and cooking. Bruce regarded food as his fuel for exercise and doing martial arts, not as an indulgence or a sensual pleasure.

Over the course of his life Bruce didn't follow all these rules, and he was constantly tinkering with his own diet plans, workouts, training routines, and martial arts ideas.Try out these rules, and keep those that make sense to you. This is especially true of Chinese cuisine, which has great depth and diversity owing to its geographic and ethnic range.So, don't get stuck in a rut eating just a few 'super-healthy' foods.

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