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Whether you are a first-time hostess or a seasoned planner, these main dish recipes will inspire delicious get-togethers year-round. A sweet-and-spicy fruit mixture fills this juicy pork loin, and pear preserves make a delectable glaze. Start your party off right with these easy recipes for dips, spreads, finger foods, and appetizers. Enjoy nonstop color all season long with these container gardening ideas and plant suggestions.
To make these tasty meals even easier and save some time, swap the fresh variety for Wyman's fresh frozen fruits.
The strawberry watermelon cocktail is not only refreshing and simple to make, but it tastes just as good virgin as it does with alcohol.
Be careful, because a tasty raspberry, peach, almond and pine nut smoothie could almost double as a meal.
The strawberry basil quinoa salad with champagne vinaigrette combines healthy ingredients on top of a spinach base for a simply lovely dish full of spring flavors. Grilled pork soft tacos with spicy avocado mango salsa call for grilled pork, but if you don't have a grill handy, pan-fried pork will work just as easily and taste as good.

The crab and mango sliders bring a little southern taste to the meal with a touch of Old Bay seasoning and jalapeno peppers.
Not everyone can indulge in dairy and grains, and the paleo blueberry crisp is a tasty dessert that allows even those with dietary restrictions to indulge. It happens every September – in an effort to hold on to those last vestiges of summer, I turn to meals that highlight the flavors and ingredients I most associate with the season. A double dose of citrus - orange and lime - partners with zesty cayenne pepper and fresh ginger for a dazzling dressing to drizzle over roasted asparagus.
My Mom always served a delicious breakfast on Christmas morning, right after we opened presents, it was a tradition that I carry on with my family. We are excited to welcome you to Pocket Change Gourmet, a collaborative effort aimed at helping families rediscover the joy of cooking a delicious frugal meal together.
Make both versions so all of the guests can enjoy this fruity drink — just make sure to clearly label the pitchers. The mint and citrus-infused pina colada adds a dash of orange juice that makes the fruity favorite an ideal accompaniment for a Mother's Day brunch.
Vanilla panna cotta with cherry and brandy sauce fulfills those with a love of all things creamy while still delivering a healthy dose of fruit.

And these fruity salad dressings are just the ticket – fresh and bright, perfect for when you want a little bit of warm-weather flair at the dinner table, any time of year! Don't stop there - your favorite fruits also star in these easy to make (and totally delicious) dressings!
Here it's blended with fresh orange juice for a light dressing with tropical flair, served over a main-course salad of pan-seared chicken and radicchio.
Fresh squeezed juice, zest and fresh orange sections are layered with raw beets in this lovely-to-look-at salad.
We've rounded up some scrumptious fruity recipes we know your mom will love so that you don't have to plan a thing. With minimal ingredients you can impress with this recipe based on a 200-year-old Italian classic!

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