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Before I get to that, I want to make one thing clear first because I think it’s important for you to know this as a prerequisite. Of В course, there are few other factors that will determine your maintenance calories so the most accurate way is to actually use a calorie calculator likeВ thisВ one. So if your maintenance was 2000 calories, for example, you’d need to eat aboutВ 1,500 calories in order to lose fat.
Lastly, the rate of fat loss on a weekly basis will dependВ on your starting weight and bodyfat percentage. When it comes to counting calories for your fitness goals, it’s also importantВ that you are consuming the right amounts of macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fats) for optimal results.
So here’s an example with our imaginary friend named Rocky who weighs 210lbs, has 20% body fat, and is trying to shed some fat. Atkins, The Zone, Weight Watchers, The American Heart Association, or your own custom diet. Automatically calculates Weight Watchers Points for each food or custom foods that you add.
Note: In order to calculate your EXACT maintenance level and establish a “perfect” macronutrient split for yourself can be time consuming, expensive, and simply not worth the efforts.
Thermic Affect of Activity: This is roughly 10-20% for someone who lifts weights regularly. I recommend a 250 calories per day surplus for a steady weight gain while avoiding packing on too much fat during your bulk.
Note: If you are sensitive to carbohydrates I would recommend using the higher end of the protein formula.
Note: Increased fat consumption will also decrease total carbohydrate consumption for the day. If you take all of these factors into account, you will soon realize that creating a macronutrient-tracking based diet is a great way to maintain a healthy and well balanced diet without completely blacklisting your favorite foods.
If you are someone who is naturally skinny and are looking to build size, I recommend using this formula along with my free Mass in a Flash guide for some serious gains. If you have any questions concerning this calculation, please leave it in the comment section below and I will gladly get back to you with a response.

Hey Jon, my recommendation really will depend on how long you’ve been training with weights.
Once you find your BMR on your activity level, now you can decide your calorie requirement you needed for your fat loss or weight gain. If you’re an ectomorph looking to gain weight, you need to eat more calorie than your ideal maintenance calories.
Ketosis is a metabolic process that happens when your body doesn’t have sufficient glucose for energy. To maintain your weight, go for moderate carb with protein and fats to remain at the same weight, If you are into physical activities, consider eating calories based on your activity level.
As for the person who need to put on weight take in more complex carbohydrate and complete protein together with active exercise to gain weight and get in shape. The ones that I get asked about the most though are: 1) how many calories someone should eat for fat loss or 2) how many calories someone should eat to bulk up.
Every individual will have different targets based on things like their height, weight, age, body fat percentage, and current activity level. For a 200 lb Average Joe who goes to the gym 3 times a week, his maintenance would be around 2800. Just input in your age, gender, weight, height, and exercise level to figure out your maintenance.
If you have a lot of fat to lose, for example, expect to drop about 1 pound of fat every week when on a calorie deficit.
If you’re a hardgainer who can barely put on any weight, you might need to consume more than 500 calories.
Both will help you to lose weight if your maintenance is 2,500 calories, but only the latter might help you to 1) preserve muscle mass and 2) keep your hormones, brain function, and immunity in check. Just like protein, you want to eat a minimum amount on a daily basis for optimal performance. Once you figure that out, you will then adjust your daily calorie intake depending on your goal — eat less calories for fat loss, or eat more to bulk up. Just make sure that when you calculate your macronutrients, you input them in based on your method of weighing.

To simplify your life, weigh it in the nature in which you are eating it and if you can, use an app like My Fitness Pal to input the foods you consume and track your macronutrients. For the time being, i would recommend eating in a way that does not cause discomfort, but ultimately I would certainly advise you talk to your doctor.
However, I have managed to gain over 20 lbs of drug free muscle in record time and I am here to show you how you can as well.
Keep in mind though that even if tools like this calculates your maintenance calories, it still isn’t perfect. Well, the only thing that’s actually going to do is speed up fat gain on top of building muscle. Once you have your maintenance calories or at least an idea of what they are, you will be a few short calculations away from creating a well balanced caloric intake and macronutrient spit. If you are interested in gaining lean mass while avoiding losing your six pack over night then I would recommend a smaller surplus. This will not only allow you to input all of your foods as you consume them, but it will also calculate all of your calories and macronutrients for you. So before you get the idea that you can attempt to meet your macronutrients for the day consuming pizza and cake, you have to consider your micronutrients. I am 156lb and managed to loose 1 kg in a week on a 3000cal diet even though when I did the calculations in this article it gave me a target of 2750cal. For you, I would say yes, increase your carbs and fats and keep your protein where it is (considering it is on the higher end of the spectrum). With your required calorie consumption, you’ll be able to set your goal on whether you have to lose fat or to put on weight. When trying to shed fat, eating an adequate amount of protein is very crucial for appetite control. Now, this is not the only application available for this purpose, but it’s the one I use and find that most people use as well.

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