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I have been experimenting with Cyclic Ketogenic Diets (CKD) since the spring of 1999 with some success. Lyle had argued that ketosis was not necessary for fat loss and that it didn’t make sense to sacrifice protein in order to keep a fat to protein ratio while cutting down on calories.
The September show is where I really demonstrated the kind of potential I carried and I felt very satisfied with how I placed if not somewhat smug over having proven, in my mind at least, that the CKD diet is a good choice for competitive bodybuilders.

The formula was simple, according to Lyle, just take in .9 grams of protein per pound of Lean Body Mass (LBM), then subtract the calories from your daily maintenance, eat minimal carbs and make up the rest from fat. What will be harder than finding high fat low carb food is putting up with the annoying questions that often follow this misunderstood diet. I was six weeks out of my show and I had only lost 5 pounds in what was already six weeks of dieting.

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