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I attempted mine with less acidic lemons (just prefer it that way), and some pistachios that I had lying around to spare, instead of the peanuts. I am always on the lookout for rice recipes - and if it is simple enough, it makes my life much easier. Few recipes work bang on - like Focaccia, Kimchi, Bee Bim Bap and Ratatouille which worked bang on with him the very first time I made it (and which I had never tasted before then). I am about to try this version of  the Jollof rice tonight and I hope its good as it will be his first taste of home since being here in Jamaica for 5 months. Thank you so much for this recipe , just prepared Jollof following your recipe and the guys truly loved it . Im going to try this recipe this coming Tuesday, Im taking up hotel and restaurant management and in our laboratory. Hi Jully, thank you so much for your comment :) I have already showcased Xmas recipes on my home page and will do a consolidated post in a day or 2. And yes, this is my most trustworthy dish to make in an emergency with loads of vegetables. Man I slurped up that fried rice like one of my hounds chomping into a big ole T-Bone steak. I was just browsing your site for some new recipe and although veggie fried rice is not new, it is always special when it comes from you. I tried this with the chicken manchurian (recipe from the same website)… both were awesome!!! Made a simple, lemon-flavored, vibrant colored rice that was not only quick to prepare but brightened up my day. On those cases when I actually have them later in the restaurants, it amazes me sometimes how close many of my such tries come so close :) In this list is this Jollof rice. As a Nigerian who cooks, I can tell you that everyone has their own version of jollof rice and yours could very well be one version.

The only addition I made (and that which I mention) is Seitan in place of the usual meat that's added to the recipe. It always helps to have people from the original place to give recipes cos otherwise the authenticity does get diluted in other regions. Jollof Rice comes from the Wolof People of Senegal,West Africa and the spices used to not go into traditional Jollof Rice. Apart from lunchboxes, we also have it at major mealtimes, sometimes with raita but mostly with a dollop of plain yogurt on the side. Her recipe was the same except she didn’t use the sesame oil, but used garlic powder, onion powder and pepper instead. My husband absolutely LOVED it, especially with the firecracker chicken recipe to go along with!:) Thanks for sharing! Fry the garlic till well toasted followed by spring onions and follow the rest of the recipe. I use very little soy sauce and finely chopped ginger and garlic, as you say the Indo chinese version has evolved a lot so each recipe is different. Talking about which - I have to say that while it is indeed a god saver to have a husband who has some international taste in food ( having eaten in countless restaurants for many years) since you get some free tips on different recipes all over the world - it also comes with unwanted package. The basic components seem to be the same which has ingredients like Tomatoes, tomato paste, rice and onions. But given that I am an Indian and know for a fact that many so called Indian recipes are heavily customized around the web - so much so that it loses authenticity, the ones I referenced might have undergone the same cons of Internet cooking.
There are stock cubes by Maggi that we used and apart from that, there are the local chillis (African variety, super hot) that goes into the puree and the puree is sauteed in oil before adding the rice. Except the curry powder and the nutmeg, this is ''exactly'' what I make at least a couple of times during the week (read DH's lunchbox). Yeah - I love using original names - Makes me feel like I just made an amazing dish (instead of something like tomato rice with few additional vegetables!!!!!!;)) I am sure it will a hit with the D Jr.

As mentioned above, I have omitted soya sauce to avoid the dark color it imparts to the rice.
All u just have to do is fry ur onions and tomatoes well blended with pepper all together, add thyme and maggi cubes, salt and then add ur stock water for whatever protein u're using, allow it to boil out the pour in ur rice and stir for total mixture.
Curry powder is common in some recipes, as well as dried herbs and i use ginger and garlic in mine.
Nothing beats knowing recipes straight from the horses mouth and thanks for throwing more light on what usually is done for the authentic version. Anyhow, what tastes good is worth the cooking and this recipe is yet another most welcome proof of the pudding! Does involve a bit of knife work but its worth the effort to savor the beautiful combination of flavors especially when you have good company to enjoy the meal with.
Love the way how a pinch of turmeric adds color and the visual appeal of seasoning of spices, curry leaves and peanuts, nestled among the rice.
So when I try to create some 'had-this-dish-in-so-and-so-restaurant' recipe (of course without knowing how it should taste in the first place, I most often end up with 'uhh-nice-but-well-that-one-was-different'.
When the water is dried out sprinkle a little curry leaves on it and stir.and that's ur jollof rice. My wife said it may not be the same but even she, with her hard to please self found this very delicious!

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