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Try Weight Loss Resources free for 24 hours and access the UK's largest online food and nutrition database. This clever little disc takes the confusion out of working out BMI (body mass index) using metric or imperial measurements! Season with salt and pepper, and cook for about 7 minutes, stirring regularly, until softened. Ideal for soups and stews, just make sure you pre-heat the jar with boiling water before you fill it up.
If packing sandwiches for school is giving you the shivers, perhaps it's time you had hot food on the move.

Seeing as most schools and colleges don't let kids loose with electrical appliances (and quite right too), we've picked out the best options for microwave-free hot meals.
They're great for fussy kids too - children love having pretty little pots to pick from, and separate compartments avoid food becoming one unattractive mush. As long as you make sure the food is piping hot when you put it in, it'll still be hot when the bell goes for lunch. You get three separate containers - one 250ml for the main, and two 150ml pots for sauces and sides, plus a very handy carry bag. Made from virtually unbreakable stainless steel, a wide mouth and non-slip bottom makes them safe for little fingers.

For ideas on what to fill your Thermos with, you'll find quick and fillling recipes like sausage and bean one-pot and easy pad thai on the BBC Good Food website. I've skinny dipped at Copacabana beach, taken my two-week-old son to a festival, regularly hike in Snowdonia and I love working on my rural property.

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