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With so many national menu items under 400 calories*, you can enjoy some of your all-time favorites like the Egg McMuffin or the classic Filet-O-Fish. However, while some have applauded brands like Burger King and other major names for embracing the new call for healthier options, others are adamant it’s all simply a case of looking for ways and means to introduce more expensive and profitable products.
In related news, McDonalds has so far refused to answer any questions on its plans for its own fries, but did announce on Thursday that French fry alternatives will soon be offered as part of its value meal range. Not that such a huge chance in standards could be brought in overnight – McDonald’s representatives stated that all restaurants across the world will make the necessary changes by the year 2020.

Often the scapegoat of the industry for all manner of criticism regarding unhealthy meals and snacks, McDonalds has also promised to cease promoting soft drinks as part of its Happy Meal range aimed at young children. Some of you might remember last year (maybe the year before), McDonald's added the Asian salad to their menu. The firm’s new “Satisfries” contain a full 40% less fat than McDonald’s  fries and 30% less calories, representing yet another to shed the damaging grease-bucket image of yesteryear and get on board with an increasingly health-conscious US market.
The move will see buyers of the firm’s hugely popular set meals able to choose from fruits, vegetable and side salads instead of the staple fries that come with the deals now. Instead, the meals will be advertised with the options of fruit juice, milk and mineral water while soft drink will still be available upon request.

The McWrap pictured above is 590 calories and contains 44 percent (PDF) of a person’s daily fat intake.

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