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Like a full-size peanut butter cup, but much lower in sugar and with some nutritious ingredients, Buddha Cups can be a near daily snack, if desired. I’ve become a big snacker lately since I don’t have as much time to sit down and eat full meals, so this post is really perfect! Many of the convenience foods popping up for our little niche taste amazing, but are packed with added sugars. The ingredients are just cacao, almonds, coconut palm crystals, mesquite, vanilla bean, and Himalayan crystal salt (in that order) and each generously sized cup contains just 3 grams of sugar (along with 3 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber – not bad!). Kit’s Organic by Clif Bar somehow edges out the competition with their riff on the no sugar added, date-based fruit and nut bar. I’m all for moderation, and enjoying a dessert on most days, but when excessive sugars start sneaking into breakfast and snacks, we have a problem.

Available in Original Curry, Sea Salt, Coco Joe, Really Naked, Sugar & Cinnamon (still low in sugar), Somewhat Spicy, Super Spicy, and Tomato Italiano, Super Seedz really does offer an option for everyone.
Unlike some bars, the taste doesn’t venture into dessert territory, but rather remains firmly planted in the healthy, but tasty, snack arena. While I often contend that I should just make my own seasoned nori snacks, it never happens. The following are some of my top picks (honest and unbiased!)В for healthy, low sugar snacks to grab on the go and pop into lunch boxes. Of the bunch, our favorite low sugar snacks were the Sea Salt, Coco Joe and Somewhat Spicy, but all had their virtues. GimME Seaweed Snacks have stepped in to supplement my laziness with some delicious, portable snacks that are rich in natural minerals.

These aren’t sugar-free, as they contain natural sugars from fruit, but there are no added sugars and they aren’t overly sweet; landing them a spot in my favorite low sugar snacks. One other quick note: Navitas Naturals offers other unique low sugar snacks in their whole food form, such as dried Dragon Fruit and Yacon Slices.

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