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This process leads to leaky gut syndrome in which the intestinal lining has open gaps and now lectins and other particles and pathogenic organisms are able to get directly into the bloodstream.В  Lectins that are free floating in the bloodstream have an affinity for the insulin and leptin receptors and are believed to desensitize these receptors contributing to insulin and leptin resistance in the bodyВ (7). Soaking, boiling and sprouting grains, legumes, nuts and seeds all helps to decrease the number of lectins but none fully eliminates them except for pressure cooking.В  Lectins are fairly resistant to enzymatic activity but sprouting is one of the best ways to minimize lectins.
The trick is to soak, sprout, ferment or boil the lectin containing foods and avoid eating them often.В  You can throw some almonds in your steamer as you steam broccoli or brussel sprouts and you remove about 50% of the lectins and make the nuts more bioavailableВ (9). If you are consuming a lot of lectin containing foods and wish to continue than I would recommend taking a good digestive enzyme with it to help minimize the negative effects.

You can soak them overnight as that is a start…fermenting them is a little more tricky but at least soaking will remove some of the lectins.
No, unless the nut butter is soaked and sprouted they still contain the same amount of lectins. It’s too bad you site paleo websites as your sources while ignoring that legumes, whole grains, nuts and nightshades have been consistently shown to be healthful in almost all categories (cardiovascular, immunity, cancer prevention, lowering cholesterol, lowering insulin resistance, reducing cancer risks and improving bone health). Low serum mannose-binding lectin levels are associated with inflammation and apoptosis in early surveillance allograft biopsies.

And, simply reverting back to proper food selection and preparation now, can have little affect until the core issues are resolved, such as avoiding inflammatory triggers, following a FODMAP diet, etc.
In most vegetables even water we have arsenic and we know he can be high toxic but in low dosage dont have any effects.

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