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Science has proven that low GI, slowly digested carbohydrates are key to healthy and sustained weight loss. THE LOW GI COOKBOOK brings you over 70 tempting recipes based on these established principles. Manson, MD, DrPH, Professor of Medicine,]'Here, at last, is a book that explains what we know about the glycaemic index and its importance in designing a diet for optimum health.

At the start of the book the authors include some great information about the GI diet and include the 7 guidelines of the low GI diet. The book covers everything from sustaining breakfasts and brunches, substantial but healthy dinner dishes, to quick salads and sweet treats, and even includes recipes from celebrity chefs.Packed with beautiful photographs, handy tips, and with a complete breakdown of fat, protein and carb content, calorie values and GI values for every recipe, THE LOW GI COOKBOOK is your blueprint for healthy low GI eating for life.

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