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The whole fruit includes the fibre of the flesh and also the naturally occuring fruit sugar. People have a million opinions on fruit – what Sarah Wilson recommends is to go for lower fructose fruit such as berries, kiwi fruit, grapefruit etc. If you are looking to reset your taste buds, give yourself a couple of weeks without (or as long as you feel good and your body is working properly) fruit and then introduce smaller amounts and a wider range of lower fructose fruits. What do you think – let me know if you are anti-fruit, love fruit, scared to not eat fruit or can’t fathom not eating 10 pieces of fruit a day! Cutting back on fruit is part of the quit sugar guide, but if you want to eat fruit, try substituting it for lower sugar fruit such as blueberries and kiwi fruit. If you follow Sarah’s guide, you do have to quit fruit for the duration of the plan but then she says you can introduce lower fructose fruits back in once you have finished the plan.
It sounds like you looove your fruit, so why not try the substitute for lower fructose fruits. I agree that fruit will not make you fat and I certainly don’t state that eating fruit makes you fat. I love to hear more from vegans who eat a lot of fruit and how they cope with other foods in their diet. When I’m anxious about other big life decisions (which I am at the moment), I can tend to get a bit anxious about shopping trips, particularly when I need to be finding snack substitutes for fruit or counting how much sugar is in every product.
I’ve basically decided to limit my fruit intake to just raspberries and blueberries, small serves in breakfast smoothies or with yoghurt, at least for a few weeks (like a mini-recalibration). As you know with the guide, Sarah recommends removing ALL fruit for the first 6 weeks to give your body a chance to break the sugar addiction.
Sarah Wilson, who is the author of the books that I show on this site, does advocate cutting back on eating fruit for 6 weeks during her Quit Sugar Program. I only endorse cutting back on fruit during the time you do the quit sugar program IF YOU REALLY WANT TO.
What I learned from doing the program and I did cut my fruit eating for a week or so, was to realise how sweet things are. Im assuming my body was relying on the energy hit from sugar and I was constantly eating it and crashing.
Hi, I am Kate Harris and I have kicked my sugar habit to the curb!In the time that I have quit sugar and improved my diet, I have found that I have lost weight (yay!), my skin has improved and looks brighter, I feel more awake and happier! I do earn a commission if you choose to buy I Quit Sugar to help you beat your sugar addiction. Today I had a discussion with a friend who is really keen to quit sugar but has declared she can't live without fruit.
We don’t think that simply cutting out sugar is the solution to the obesity epidemic + every chronic disease out there BUT it sure does help! Paleo = no refined sugars (otherwise known as sucrose which is half glucose + half fructose) BUT it’s the fructose in sugar that is the super bad stuff + some paleo food has lots + lots of fructose!
Fructose is the stuff our bodies can’t process + so it gets turned into fat + we get a whole bunch of other health implications. So now we’ve made a few more changes to our paleo lifestyle to decrease our fructose consumption. Now we’ve cut down on these high fructose foods we feel better connected to our bodies + really really good!! This is a super quick, merrymaker run down of sugar + what we have done to lower the amount of fructose we eat. You can easily adapt this recipe for crispy granola snack bars by using whatever dried fruit, nuts and seeds take your fancy.

These chewy granola bars are nut free and perfect for kids lunch boxes, omit the chocolate chips to reduce refined sugar content.
Make a tropical fruit smoothie by blending it with other tropical fruits (such as pineapple or banana), a squeeze of lime, some mint and a splash of coconut milk. I feel better for it and I don’t see the point in wasting my time to drink fruit juice.
Maybe focus on other parts of quitting sugar than this one, such as no additional sugar to your meals, or no sugary drinks and start there.
I think that people who are struggling to get their sugar intake under control have found that reducing the amount of high fructose fruit has helped them in other areas of their eating.
By the sounds of it, you eat very healthy with a lot of fruit and vegetables and I am sure you monitor your protein and nutrition levels so there is a lot to learn from those kind of diets too.
Since deciding to drastically change my sugar habits in this way, I’ve copped a lot of criticism from family and friends about quitting fruit – even for a few weeks! You will STILL have made huge changes to your diet, you will know how sweet food tastes without adding sugar and you will have done a very hard thing. You are by no means forcing your views onto them, so explain that you are re-calibrating your body and dealing with the amount of sugar in your diet. I read some of your posts – you have a lot of good stories about how hard it is to quit sugar and how different people deal with different situations. After that time has elapsed, you can start introducing the low fructose fruit back into your diet in moderation. And if you’re going to eat fruit, then I’d veer toward things that are higher in fiber and lower in fructose such as all of the berries: raspberries, blueberries, strawberries. But once that was over, I went back to eating fruit in moderation and by being more selective over when I would eat fruit (oatmeal and mixed berries for breakfast!!!! I ate fruit all day until dinner time then I’d have a vegan meal of veggies and carbs. After 30 years of living on one sugar high to the next I have quit ALL sugar including fruit now for the last week .. If you are feeling like fruit is negatively affecting your body, you could cut back until you see your doctor! There are obviously other quitting sugar guides and books available, but again this is my recommendation based on my experience. She recons she eats about 5 pieces of fruit a day and that any diet that asks you to give up fruit seems a little suss. With thanks to people like David Gillespie (Sweet Poison) + Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar program) spreading the word in an easy to understand way. Think biscuits, yoghurt, fruit bars, cereals, juice, soft drinks, canned beetroot (we could be here all day!). These things were once staples in our diets but they are packed with fructose, so now they are on the ‘every now + again list’. The fruit is commonly fermented and made into an ointment that can be used as a topical treatment for burns, cuts, stings and rashes (I love it as a lip balm – just make sure you find one that isn’t petroleum based). The fruit will also ripen at room temperature – just leave it in the fruit bowl for a couple of days. If you are allergic to fruit sugars then you would be best avoiding the fruits that set your allergies off. I certainly feel that when I reduced the amount of fruit I was eating, I noticed that I craved less sugar and therefore ate less sugary foods.
The fruits I can eat each day include bananas, citrus, kiwi fruit, strawberries and blue berries.

We’ve put together a list of favourite, paleo friendly bars including a nut free and low fructose options.
I don't claim to know everything about quitting sugar, but thanks to Google and a big pile of books, I'm learning as I go.
Less fruits and natural sugars is working really well for us and we feel much more aware and energised – so we’re sticking to it!
Fruit digests faster than any other food you can eat so it’s not sitting in your body, your body uses it right away. Not that much information out there to be honest.The truth of the matter is fruit is full of fructose BUT fruit is also full of vitamins, minerals and fibre. If you are sensitive to fructose, I would recommend lowering the amount of acidic foods eaten as well, particularly tomato-based meals.
They’re usually the only fruits I supplement to my paleo lifestyle and they seem to work great with my body but I’m curious as to what you think! It was only when I had failed that round of quitting sugar, was back in my old habits again and that I wanted to really give quitting a go.
When we have a population who are struggling to get in the adequate servings of fruit and vegetables it seems a little ludicrous.
I went to the doctor and he was useless- I told him how I quit gluten and dairy and have never been more bloated, his suggestion was laxatives & an operation to stop the reflux. I would say 90% of my daily food is fruit, and I eat a lot of food, around 3000 calories a day for a girl. There’s nothing you can get in fruit that you can’t get in an equivalent vegetable without a whole lot less fructose. Fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals and your body needs these stores to get adequate nutrition. A few weeks later someone suggested fruit can cause bloating so I cut it out for 2 days (I lived off of Oreos haha shhhh!) and low and behold I got the most flat stomach ever & no reflux. No I don’t think you should be eating ten pieces of fruit a day but the australian guide to healthy eating advocates fruit based on years of research and evidence.
I understand many people reccomend keeping a way from fruits such as bananas due to their fructose content but a banana is a whole food. I think everything in moderation is fine, except the cheats which should be few and far between it is super interesting though to follow the fruitarians- Freelee the Banana girl in particular, she’s quite opinionated about her raw vegan diet of mostly fruit, but I think if it works then good for you!
I do not mean to offend anyone but in my experience in my practice I am finding it quite worrying that many people are getting problems from taking the advice of lawyers whose job it is to make a convincing case than dieticians. The Australian healthy eating guideline is a maximum two pieces of fruit a day (for an adult and one for a child). He knows how much fruit goes into his smoothies and shares them with the 1 year old, who is crazy for those things. I think I  have had one piece of fruit by itself in the last 9 weeks, but every other time it has been in a sorbet or slice. I would have a banana for breakfast and a container of chopped up fruit each day for lunch at work.

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