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Primal parent has sooo many interesting articles on her site especially this one about fructose malabsorption which a lovely reader shared with us. Lori: I did 5 minute plank workout followed by Tone it Up Wild Child interval routine and She Sells Sea Shells toning routine. As Michelle is traveling back home we are excited to really talk again about all the new readings we have read to discuss any changes we want to do with our eating plan. The low fodmap diet has helped my skin and all sorts of stomach issues that I was never able to figure out.

I get sick of the latest fads diets: raw, paleo etc People tend to do things to the extreme, too.
So, from all my research, it seems that high amts of veg, (raw and cooked), fruits (low fodmaps ones like ripe bananas, citrus, dates, berries), legumes, nuts seeds, avos, gf grains and starches should form the bull of the diet. The best way to eat is to flood ur body with nutrients from plant sources and then add small amounts of denser proteins to support amino acid balance. Thus, my findings point to a predominately fuhrman style of diet, but with a but more allowance with eggs and possibly fish or small game.

We plan to share just about everything as we heal, so we apologize now if somethings are TMI.

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