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This month we’ve been looking at the differences between products labelled as low fat, reduced fat and light compared to their standard versions. In our survey, six in ten Brits said they regularly eat these types of foods, but we’ve found they often contain similar calorie content to supposedly less-healthy options. Products labelled with ‘lite’ or ‘low fat’ only have to contain 30% less fat than the standard version, yet just one in five people told us they knew this. Just because something is labelled as ‘light’, ‘lite’ or ‘reduced fat’ don’t assume it’s actually low in fat. Low-fat foods can become even more mystifying when you compare them to standard products from other companies.
Research from Cornell University in the US showed that people who were given products labelled as light and low fat ate up to 50% more than they did with the same standard product.
So, while many low-fat and light foods can help in weight loss or maintaining calorie intake, it’s clearly not always the case. To put that in perspective, remember that fats provide more calories for a given weight than anything else in food. I am not sure what can be done other than providing clear labelling of all food products, as Shefalee suggests.

Traffic lights should help to cut down the time you spend looking at food labels, as at a glance you can see what foods are high (red), medium (amber) and low (green) in sugar, fat, saturated fat and salt. You don’t need to be a professional dietician to work out how much of any type of food to eat. I dont think it is coincidental that obesity rates have soared as low fat foods have become more popular. The light version does contain 30% less fat, but it doesn’t contain 30% fewer calories and this is often where the problem lies. For example, a Tesco low-fat yogurt has more calories per pot (130) compared to Activia standard yoghurt (123 calories). But to foods labelled as light, lite and reduced only have to contain 30% less fat than the standard variety. And that’s something that would be much simpler if we had clear traffic-light labelling on all food products.
Processed food, junk, artificial sweetener, refined sugar, too many calories are grains are bad for you.

I certainly didn’t know that a product only had to contain 30% less fat to be considered low-fat.
Sad to say it’s difficult to believe that we will ever get round the grotesque distorsion of the English language by food manufacturers but hopefully traffic lights are a boundary where they have to stop. Fats are nowhere near as dangerous as sugars (all sugars at that) and excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates.
Lower your intake of sugar, flour and their products,also keep in check potatoes,rice and pasta.

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